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IDEA College Prep - San Benito Reviews

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I like this school because I’ve been here for four years.i have mad a lot of friends here not only in my grade level but other grade levels as well and the teachers. The staff is amazing and well prepared to communicate with parents about many topics and alert the parents as soon as a situation is happening and reassure the parents that their kids are safe at all times.
This school has a system of teachers that really create a strong bond and support system for their kids. They provide many opportunities in the form of collage tour trips and collage summer away programs. Their biggest support comes in the form of assistance in applying to college. This goes as far as paying for collage entire tests as well as providing meetings on FASFA completion. Although this school is more academic focused there are sports programs that a lot of pride is shown for. The one thing i would like to see change is the organization in administration. Often things are poorly planed and information is not always distributed effectively
I loved the family that was created by going through such a difficult school and how most of us came out of the other side with new people next to us than when we began. I could tell you every single person I graduated with because we had such a tight nit family and over seven years we’ve all developed a bond that is stronger than any other group I’ve ever been a part of. This bond will help me make connections at my college, especially with the help of my Alumni Manager. I am thankful for all that Idea has done for me and will continue to do for me, the next 4 years in college will be as successful and enjoyable as Idea had prepared me for. I am ready. The one thing that could probably be improved would be the food. I will never look back on my time at Idea in reminisce, but I will always take what I have learned with my time there and pay those skills forward to becoming a well rounded adult who gives back to their community.
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It was great overall. The teachers genuinely care about each student and how well they are doing. The only thing I would change would be the parking spaces, since it is a school for pre-k through 12th grade, a big parking lot is necessary. More than one entrance is also necessary for students since the lines are long because of parents dropping off their children.
Idea prepares their students to achieve their dreams and 100% of their students go to college. Counselors also keep contact with each student to see if they are on the right track on going to college. Teachers are always helping out their students understand the class better and help us out on everything they can like tutoring, extra credit, and answering all our questions.
They strive for student success, and will do everything in their power to help everyone succeed. They advertise as a school which will make sure you go to college, but they really only help with classes and tests scores. AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment is forced, but it does help out in adjusting to increased work loads.

Idea may be aimed to help students go to college, but it isn't a miracle school. They have kicked out students before on the basis of being considered a lost cause as in severe misbehavior and lack of potential. Don't attend Idea expecting to go from a 1.5 GPA to a 3.5 by graduation.
The education at IDEA San Benito College Prep is a life changing experience. I started there as a Sophomore from my traditional Home High School. The rigorous classes and teaching style is something that has prepared me to be confident with my future endeavors and plans. I want everyone to know the importance of a GREAT education and that my expectations were surpassed while attending school here.
IDEA has offered me opportunities to travel to visit many colleges in the US and broaden my horizon for college options. The teachers are truly invested in the students' success and I know I made the right choice for me for my middle school and high school years.
Diversity is number one at Idea San Benito. There are so many different people from across different states and even countries. I learned from them their different religions, language, and customs. In that way I learn about not only where they are from but the kind of people they are. The school may not have all the bells and whistles like other Idea schools but they work with what they have in order to educate the students attending and when it is close to the end of the year and it's time for a little celebration, they do what they can to make it a memorable experience.
IDEA San Bentio has done a decent job of preparing me to go off to college. They helped me to get into my dream school. The college counselors are always there for us and they always help us. The teachers are the same way. They help us to do good and they hold us accountable so we can be prepared for college. We get opportunities like dual enrollment as well as AP classes so we can get college credit.
I have been a student at Idea since I came in as a 6th grader. I have two brothers who have graduated and admitted into a 4-year college or university. My experience at IDEA has made me shape the future I want for myself. I plan to go to college and pursue a career.
I feel 100% safe that I know that I will be attending a 4 year college. Idea promises that all students will go to college and I admire that about my school.
I have been a student at Idea since the sixth grade, I wouldn't change the amount of time that I have spent here, it is a school experience that is very unique and special to me. The classes have indeed prepared me for the stressful and rigorous life that college has in store and the teachers and faculty make the transition towards college easier since they are very open to helping students with their problems.
At this school the curriculum is rigorous, yet in the end it is extremely worth it. The administration and the teachers connect to the students on a one-to-one basis and are available whenever a student may need assistance. After completing my six years here at the school, it becomes evident that hard work truly pays off. The school's mission statement comes true of getting every student into college.
Idea schools are very organized and have one priority; they want 100% of students to go to college. The culture at this campus may seem strict but it is all meant for us to make us feel less intimidated about our first year in college. Idea treats us like university students because they teach us to be responsible and to keep ourselves on track in college.
IDEA public School in San Benito has been a good overall experience in the educational field, It truly gives us students a deep understanding of what college life will really be like; it helps us understand the challenges that we will have in college as well as the type of education we will have in college. Idea San Benito has had a positive experience when it comes to learning and a positive impact in my life.
My school, is academically challenging, but it is preparing me for college. The AP courses, and Dual enrollments are going to save a lot of time and money. All in all this is a great school.
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IDEA College Prep San Benito provides many opportunities in regards to college for all its students. The college counselors are also very helpful.
It prepares you for college with rigorous classes and ensures you go to and through college. My experience here was great i felt safe and i felt challenged with the classes they offered. The administration was also very supportive.
I am an alum. I was a founding student, when i was in 7th grade. The school is big on academics and gets you ready for college, but i wish they had more dual enrollment options. There was little after school activities. Many of the teachers come and go quickly.
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