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I like how much the school pushes AP classes, but many students are simply not ready for the intensity of such classes and as a result many people fail. Furthermore, many AP classes like physics and Calculus are pushed to students without them actually having previous knowledge in those subjects, leading to most of the students failing these classes. Also, traditional elective classes are not available, leaving many students frustrated as there are no subjects that they enjoy, nor do they see any motivation in staying school. Many students just wait to graduate, get into community college for two months, and then drop out.
I was a senior at Idea Pharr the School is ok, it has a lot of parental involvement and the teachers that work there, for mos of them they are the best they help you with everything even with stuff that involves colleges its for a teacher Mr. Loredo that im in this page looking for scholarships to pay my college
My experience in IDEA Pharr has been the utmost. I had been studying in this facility since seventh grade and my involvement has provided me abundant knowledge within the academic field. Furthermore, this school has provided me a joyful, rigorous, high school experience, that i would never trade for anything else.
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IDEA has shaped my views on education, leadership, and service to others by giving us wonderful teachers who are there to guide you towards your path to college. Not only are the teachers and faculty there to help you whenever you are faced with a challenge but they do whatever is possible to help you achieve your dreams and we can lean on them for moral support. The teachers prepare us specifically to be College ready because they want us to excel in the real world.
The school's clubs have allowed students to build strong bonds with others. For instance,the National Honors Society is an organization that recognizes high school students that demonstrate scholarship, leadership, character, and service. High School students develop these skills through their involvement in school activities and community service and I was able to be a part of it.
Great team and family environment. Good communication between students and teachers. Rules are at times not enforced and often the communication between administration and students is not present.
Overall my experience here in IDEA Pharr has been one I'll never forget. Because of the good and the bad. There are some things that are poor, like the control and the way things are run, but overall I'd say it is alright.
Idea Pharr helped shape me into the individual i am today by giving me the necessary skills to prosper and develop my perception of ideals.
What I liked from IDEA was that it is unique, the style of learning mixed with the culture, not only the main culture here, which is the Mexican one,but the culture that IDEA has, mix to create a very unique experience, and that, I love.
One aspect I do not like is the food, since people can be picky, but over the years, meals have changed and I like that, having Tacos with Cilantro is a big improvement for me.
I have been enrolled and attending IDEA College Prep - Pharr since it opened it's doors in 2010. Being the first class to graduate in the upcoming months. As senior, I have made amazing connections not only with my fellow peers but also with my teachers and administration too. Furthermore, at IDEA Pharr I didn't only make friends, I made a new family. Since we are a small class, made up of 85 students in the 12th grade. We all came to know each other in a personal level, I can confidently say that I will dearly miss my high school days thanks to the help of IDEA Pharr. However, IDEA Pharr is not always the best place in a students perspective, I am made to take 6 AP classes in my senior year, it may be a good thing to parents, yet for the student taking the classes that may seem like a drag. All in All, I would say that IDEA College Prep - Pharr is a place of fun, family, education, and college readiness.
I liked IDEA Pharr College Prep because it is a school where every single teacher cares about your education and they will do the best to help u. The environment is pretty nice and the students are really nice and fun.
IDEA has it's own special way of making sure you feel like family with your fellow peers and staff members. It's been an amazing experience and an even more amazing opportunity to have been able to be a part of the Lion Pride.
I really like idea way of teaching,the teachers are very determined to teach their subject and make sure every student gets the topic. All college counselor and staff members are determined to help every single student to go to college because that's the goal at idea. Personally I wouldn't change anything,I believe I was though everything the right way, and made great memories there among my friends.
I like how this school really cares about preparing us for college. It sets us up to be ready to take on the world the moment we leave the school.
I like that in Idea i am not just a number but a student. It is a welcoming environment were i feel teachers do their best to help each individual succeed no matter what. I know that Idea has prepared me for college and the challenges that come with it such as gaining my independence and responsibility. Through my experience I have learned to stay committed to my school work by getting A's and B's and managing my time to do extra-curriculum activities. Overall, my experience in Idea has been well but if I could change one thing it would be to add more extra-curricular actives such as band, theatre, art society, FCA and etc so that students may be able to find an interest that best fits their personality.
Ever since I got to IDEA Pharr, I've noticed that the teachers are a lot more available than a normal public school. The extra-curricular activities are not that diverse, but that's only because they focus a lot on academics.
i like that they focus on all of the kids no one is left behind i would like to change the buildings that we have it is too small.
There is never really a lot of work to do but when we do its a manageable amount of work.
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There are not much extra clubs aside from sports.
The parent do are very supportive, they always come and cheer us at any event they can attend.
The teachers really put in time to the students learning experience. I can say this because I've witnessed it since my first day of middle school all the way to today as a senior.
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