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When I entered Idea Mission in 6th grade it was crazy for me to study this hard level.Finally I’m in high school I will say my counselors were are top of me if I’m doing it this work are you turning this on time. I thought I wasn’t smart kid in school I thought they were focusing on them instead the other kids but now they have a system that works and everyone is getting a chance. I was excited for senior year because going to step to college is other level and it’s my last year. I want to make the best of it by showing my passion continuing with my journey of my education. I want a better future I know Idea Mission is right school to learn all those things and keep you prepared in college life even a job.
Attending IDEA Mission exposed me to become more aware of the benefits of attending college. The school as well offers the opportunity to explore universities since 6th grade so that students can have a sense of what a college environment is like. Additionally, they start exposing their students to college life since their freshman year by sending them to summer programs at universities free of charge. What i loved most is that IDEA guarantees your acceptance into college and they make sure you are on track to achieving your academic goals. With the guidance of an amazing staff that guides your way and offers their time to help students who are willing to be helped offers the immense amount of support that is needed by a student. Although i admit the amount of work is rigorous i can guarantee that it is all worth it at the end. All in all students are prepared to succeed for their bright futures.
I like Idea because of their small overall class being more engage with our classmates and deeper connection with the teachers.With academics you have AP classes and wonderful teacher who will help anyone who struggles and are willing to learn and pass the AP exam.
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Idea College Preparatory Mission, is a part of a district which pushes for College readiness. The academic curriculum and core values allow for every individual student to become prepared for College and strive for greatness.
I liked that Idea actually enforces going to college, but I don't like that they don't follow up with you to see if you will graduate or will graduate.
Being in IDEA since 6th grade has shaped me into wanting to go to college so i wont be just a statistic who doesnt go to college.
The teachers are engaged with the students at all times and do everything in their favor to help us.
Being part of a school system that truly cares about its students is not only fascinating, but a direct representation of a group of individuals that truly want to close the achievement gap for the Hispanic community in the Rio Grande Valley. With the help and resources our administration, teachers, lunch helpers, janitors, etc. give us, us students are able to strive for success by working not by individuals, but as a team and family.
IDEA has a great variety of students and teachers that give you a great experience. Well rounded teachers and administration that keep the the students safe and sound.
What I like about Idea Public School Mission is that they help students out with anything they need. If you're a person who struggles the teachers always have there doors open for you. 100% students go to college no one is left behind. Idea is preparing you to go to college there is no excuses. What I also like about Idea Mission is that you get to communicate and have that one to one conversation with your counselors.
I like that the teachers care about the students and they help them when they're struggling. The classes in high school are almost all AP and can be challenging. The teachers will teach in a way that will help the students understand tha materials.
What I really admire about IDEA College Prep-Mission is that they focus on college for all and that no student gets left behind. The fact that IDEA provides AP courses for all students gives each and every student a fair opportunity to succeed. One thing that I would really like to see changed is the number of clubs and activities that it has along with the student involvement in extracurricular activities.
Besides the fact that I graduated there, I loved my experience at this wonderful school. The amount of teacher involvement and encouragement I received here has inspired me to not only be the best at whatever I do no matter how important the task, but to never lose sight of who I am, where I come from, and what I have worked to become. If I were to have graduated from any other high school, I wouldn't be where I am at now, at Texas A&M University's College of Engineering because I would have never envisioned myself at such a place nor would I be prepared to endure the challenges I face today.
Idea Mission is a good school overall the education system and the teachers really seem to care about you. of course it depends on the staff. last year the principal was never there of her students or staff and only pretended to care to get a paycheck. our school seems very limited in the opportunity that we are given. With the way the school is set up there is no UIL sports so if you play there is no way for you to be recognized. then you look into clubs and the same can be said there you get no state recognition by UIL. you can just join small clubs that really doesn't matter and probably wont help you or stay with you in the future. They really need for more opportunity to get into other programs in college but they only prepare you for the educational part of college not active or sports wise.
I like that fact that they prepare us for college and give us the help that we need to get there. They encourage the us that getting and education is very important.
Our previous principal made no effort to get to know the students personally. However, our new principal has changed the entire atmosphere of the school for the better. He knows most students by name, has provided many opportunities for family involvement, encourages students to be their best, and always makes himself available to students. This makes the school a more personal and close knit community. I enjoy the many opportunities that IDEA Mission has given us, such as yearly field lessons throughout the U.S. (to tour universities). In the past 3 years, I traveled to Louisiana, New York, Washington D.C., and more. I also appreciate that the district pays for all student AP exams. Overall, IDEA College Prep Mission is a place for students to grow and excel academically and socially.
* the conditions of the buses and to add more buses to the school .
* more trained teachers to get us ready for college and how colleges works for Ex ( note taking , research papers in MLA format, and Etc).
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My first year at IDEA was 8th grade. I didn't know anyone from IDEA but the teachers made me feel comfortable. When I joined the the students were so friendly and outgoing. Teachers give it their all when it comes to college readiness. I like how the school is very close to my house and they give us a chance to receive college credit. Things i would like to change would be the sports. There isn't many sports here as other public schools and would like to have baseball team, softball, swimming, and more funding for uniforms. Talking about uniforms i don't like how we have to wear uniforms every day. It is more expensive to buy the uniform than regular going out clothes. We cannot express ourselves by wearing uniforms. The food here is not enjoyable at all. The most common that there is for lunch is pizza and it is very greasy. I thought schools should give healthy foods.
Currently attend IDEA Mission, all classes are college ready classes and the resources are there for you. All you have to do is ask and you'll succeed.
Idea has very good teachers when it comes to preparing you for college. They make sure you get prepared and focus on getting you to the college you want.
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