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Can't deny the fact that entering IDEA became one of the toughest challenges that I've experienced now only because of the rigorous classwork but all the decisions that shape your student life. What do I mean by this? Well, pretty much because we participate in the IB coursework there isn't that much of free time, every single day is a complete focus on either class work or IB Assessments. Due to the way how I don't have that much time for myself I reduce my freedom from enjoying sports and my friends, increasing the amount of pressure and stressed throughout my high school career. Overall, even when having to deal with all of these issues of stress and dedication to school work, I know that I'm getting prepared for college. Additionally, I can't be thankful because IDEA was the one that taught me English, they helped me adapt into the United States even when the only language I knew was Spanish.
No school is perfect but at IDEA, they care about each student, wanting 100% of them to graduate and go to college. Teachers and counselors are on top of students that seem to be struggling and help them come up with solutions to succeed in passing all the classes, even to go as far as doing Saturday -school tutoring with transportation provided.
IDEA College Prep had been a wonderful experience in helping students work during class and during the break. Even though many times it can be tough, there are many opportunities that IDEA gives the students. There are teachers who work with the students when they need help. Students ask questions about any assignment they do not understand. Most part the students and the administration work together as a team and family, which is one of the principles in IDEA.
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I just really like the school, I attend as a sophomore in the school and am excited to have class and meet all of my new teachers like I usually do in every other grade
As you know, starting junior year, students start taking the IB curriculum. This is a world class education that is provided at no cost to all Idea Donna students. Because the staff here know it’s a rigorous course, they’re always attent to their students and willing to help them in any way they can
My experience in IDEA Donna is awesome because this school really cares about their student future and we have counselors that helps with any problem, classes are IB and teachers really seems that they care about teaching us the rightfull way.
The school was a very small, with a graduating class of 65. With the small campus and small class sizes, it was easy to feel close with all of my classmates.
I have been a student at the school for about 13 years. I have truly enjoyed my time here. The teachers are wonderful and are willing to help students no matter how much the are struggling in class. Also, many of the students who attend this school are very open minded and show that the care about one another. This is why I have never moved schools because I felt welcomed here.
IDEA Donna has been my home for as long as I can remember. As the years went by, IDEA got more stricter and it has prepared me for college in a way that I'm not scared to write a 20 page essay or to have a lot of homework because IDEA has been preparing me for college since I was in third grade and now I feel more that prepared to attend college.
IDEA Donna has excellent teachers who want their students to succeed. It is a great school that offers classes that will prepare you for college. They also offer a variety of after-school programs. IDEA Donna is also good at involving the parents. However, they need to work on the food options.
what i like about idea is that its a really good school that everyone can come and have a good education here its very important that everyone should have a very good education that's why idea its a good school to come.
I liked IDEA because is very friendly and we are always pushed to give the best of ourselves. There is a lot of help to get to college and they want us to succeed.
To me, Idea Donna College Prep is an amazing school that has truly helped me out for most of my young life. Ever since I joined into the district of IDEA, when I first joined into the school of IDEA Quest, i felt as if I had an immediate connection with the school because all the faculty and staff at the school, and mainly at IDEA Donna College Prep at this time are all extremely helpful and have done everything to make sure that I do my best when it comes to my very own school life and they still give it their all as a school to make sure that not only me, but also all of the students who have the amazing chance to attend this school, succeed at their academics and get 100% accepted into college and even assure that these students make it all the way to and through college.
I really loved the feeling of support you feel every time you walk into the school especially from the administration. The environment is calm and friendly and their are respectful relationships between the students and teachers.
Idea College Prep Donna has helped me develop my skills and knowledge and future progression in education. Not only the system but the teachers themselves take the time to individually plan out a plan that will best help learning progression.
I like how this school has been getting me college ready and they do not let you fail, they always help you.
idea is a great place to learn and get ready for college, the teachers and administration do so much to help each student prepare for college and in life
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IDEA College Prep - Donna has been a great High School to attend so far as up until now every teacher I have had has genuinely put in their best efforts and has shown high interest in me and the hopes/dreams I have for the future, as well as my classmates. Each teacher, and faculty member for that matter deeply care about each individual student at our school and do their best to help the student achieve their goals. In addition to this, the relative small classes at IDEA (non greater that 140 students) ensure that each student gets to know one another which has allowed us to form bonds and connections with one another that we would not have been able to create in another high school.
I loved the progress IDEA has made over time, done so through the use of surveys and other various resources given to students and not just discussed by administration which I see as very helpful seeing as it will ultimately be for the students. Along with this in high school all my classmates were all there for one another and we all had a very strong bond you may not be able to find in other schools. In all IDEA is a great school although my only negative comment would be on their extracurricular aspect of things in which they greatly lack in having various options to be able to explore.
IDEA may seem like a waste of time but it isn't. It's a school that help every student get ready for college. No matter how behind one student is the teacher help him or her and even the students would help out their classmates. The only thing about IDEA is that they don't have every much clubs or activities and I think that should change so the students can be more involved with the school.
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