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IDEA College Prep - Alamo Reviews

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IDEA College Preparatory- Alamo motivates its students to accomplish their dreams and hopes. Nevertheless, it strives idea students to go to college and graduate at the expected graduation date. Teachers motivate their students to go to college and teach them the how the real world works. However, IDEA Alamo could improve better on how to teach the students more about the real world.
I've been in IDEA ALAMO for seven years as a matter of fact that as a senior student they taught us how to be independent and they prepare us to enroll in college.IDEA gives us AP classes, a college course class that some school offers to their students.Another thing would be that IDEA acknowledge their own students in their academic performances and their skills,hobbies and certification.Although, one thing that they should change would be the fact that they should add in a variety of clubs/ activities.
The students behave as a family, having above the value of team and family. Teachers are also attentive to the necessities of their students, providing academic and moral support during and outside of school, always enhancing the importance of sweating the small stuff. Academicals are excellent since it has a high variety of Advanced Placement courses that have given me the challenges and difficulties that a student needs in order to be ready for the life of a university student: always give 100% every day with no excuses. Due to its location, the school is full of diversity, where I have learned a lot about different cultures and perspectives on issues in our society and around the world. Aside from creating a strong community of leadership skills,Idea pushes 100% of its students to obtain a college degree that is compatible with their ability, creativity and devotion in order to demonstrate the value of closing the achievement gap and obtain the higher level of education possible.
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I like that all my teachers care about me. Also that I have a lot of AP classes and that will help me towards college in order for me to know how college is.
At first I believed that the amount of homework was ridiculous as well as the many assignments and rules, but it actually helped me in my college journey
IDEA College Prep. Alamo is a school with a diverse environment that offers stufents the true inner stress and frustrations of college. In this school one will find the resources fit for academic advancement and a deeper understanding of matriculating into college. The further one is dedicated to furthering their education and becoming a well rounded individual the further the fruits of this school stand out and show themselves.
IDEA Alamo is a campus who not only exceeds the expectation of college for all but a campus that enables their students to learn comfortably and efficiently. Our campus is known for our growth in academics but also in athletics and service in our community. I have been a part of the Griffin Team and Family for 7 years and never did I doubt our educational system and my self-worth. One thing I would change is to be able to let students experience a traditional high school experience more loosely while still being able to be the driven students IDEA promises. Our campus lives up to its expectations and being a STEM campus, it also enables students to broaden our career choices and have an open mind to new passions and interest. I have definitely found a second family by being a part of this campus. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and unbreakable bonds I have attained along the way and will always be proud to be a Mighty Griffin.
Idea Alamo is very terrible honestly. The students wouldn't have much of a future because later the year's students would tend to drop out to go a different school, and they would later give up college and don't want to pursue a career. Students would often feel depressed in the school to the point they want to commit suicide and turn to drugs. The administration is terrible they seem to be like wardens and were the prisoners. I want to leave the school, and I don't believe I have a future thanks to the dreaded school system. It is best to put your child in a different idea school instead of this one. Hope this review would benefit you all for the future of your children.
The teachers are very dedicated to helping students succeed, and the staff really ensures that no student gets left behind.
My experience in IDEA College Preparatory in Alamo has been fantastic. In this school they push us beyond any self boundary we might have to allow us the opportunity to succeed in college and in life. IDEA also allows students have a the opportunity to build relationships with teachers and classmate due to the small teacher student ratio. I hope that IDEA Alamo will change through incorporating more diversity in the school. I will also wish for IDEA to allow students to relax a little more by not loading with homework even though I agree with the purpose IDEA has with homework. I appreciate how IDEA has changed my life because I do not know where I would be if I had not been to this school.
I did not always enjoy going to IDEA because it was not my decision to go. But, as the years have gone by I have noticed how IDEA really is beneficial to us, and helping us prepare for college. I am a senior, and they have been a really big help in my final year. I feel ready for college, and it's because of IDEA.
Overall, IDEA is a good place for your academic career but from my experience, its ok. There are so many rules and uniforms but you'll get that at any IDEA. But I like the teachers (most of them) and I grew up with the students there.
At IDEA, the four core values: Determination, Courage, Empathy, and Wisdom, are a great ideas implemented to school and to follow them to stay motivated.
My experience at IDEA College Prep has been quite really good.I've been attending this school for almost 6 years already and its a great school that many students would love to attend to.
My experience of idea Alamo is really good the reason Is there is no excuse for nothing.Thos is the reason I like the school because theres always teachers helping,they don't leave anyone behind .Also if you don't do your homework you get west wing which means you have to stay after school to complete your homework.Also every year the school takes us to the stadium to show support to the seniors and the university they will be attending and seeing them signing the contract.One thing I don't like about the school is the shoes have to be all black and have to wear the school jacket.
I really liked the fact that we displayed our core values everyday. The one that stands out to me the most is team and family. I have grown close with my fellow classmates and teachers. The counseling staff have done a great job opening doors for me and supported me throughout the years.
I like how united the students are and how "Team and Family" is really shown within the student body. I would like to see more support towards the schools athletic program.
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They prepare us for a more professional world to be ready for success from a young age and have us have our mindset over college and how we want to graduate successfully to beging a better life for ourselfs
What I like about IDEA College Preparatory is that they actually care about your grades. Yes, they are somewhat strict, but don't look at that look at the positive side of it. They have counselors who actually care if you apply to colleges, and teachers that actually care about your personal life.
What i liked about my school was that the counselors were available in and out of school hours. they are very supportive and made the road to college easier on us students. The teachers also were very helpful and made sure all the students were on track to pass the classes and the AP exams.
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