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Idea Carver College Preparatory Reviews

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If you love learning and sweat the small stuff then this is the school for you. However, if you are looking for sports wise then it isn't
I love how supporting this preparatory is! The amount of support from teachers is spectaticular. Despite this being a small school, I believe this school has the potential to beat out larger schools. Initally, I would love to see more classes added to the school so all students have the chance to do what they love.
The teachers are the best I have met in any school and they offer tons of good opportunities that help students to reach for the highest accomplishments they can achieve. The students are friendly and welcoming and there is hardly any conflicts between classmates. There are firefighters and a police station near the school so we know that we are always safe whehn being educated.
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This school is a very good school. This school is a very good school for college readiness and helps out a lot of kids. And this school has very good teachers.
Idea carver college prep is one of the best schools they start you early with AP classes. All teachers have high standers for every student. They push every student to there limit and when they feel like giving up they wont let us. The first time I have came here they told me they were going to get me to pass all my STAARS and they did
My experience at idea carver is very good overall a well developed and excellent academics coming here I knew that I was going to be able and suceded in school and that is what i am doing right now. Im taking AP classes and now really on road to graduating with AP classes complete so i really recommend this school
its really good apart from the headaches people are close were one huge group when it comes down to it we have each others back even when we have problems we figure out a way around it .
Idea Carver College Preparatory is a great high school where 100% of students go to college. The teachers are connected to the students and every student is prepared for college.
I dont go to IDEA Carver, but since my school was not listed in the options I put the closes one, which happens to be Carver. I am speaking for IDEA Eastside College Prepatory.
The teachers work very hard to ensure the students' success but the idea system does not give staff and students very much room to explore techniques that may be more effective for academic understanding
The IDEA program is very good in general. It provides students the resources they need in order to be successful in school and outside of school. Students are given the opportunity to be themselves and build a relationship with their teachers and administraters, provifing a better support system for the student body, itself. IDEA Carver has helped me be a better student by providing an amazing teaching program and having amazing teachers who care, not just about grades but the students themselves. It is not perfect but the level of education is so great that it's almost as if it is perfect.
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