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I liked that they assist you greatly in preparing for college and applying. I had some issues through the year with bullying and how the administration handled situations but for the most part it’s a school I would recommend. They even help you with field lesson trips to visit colleges so we can see the campus first hand. They pay for ACT multiple times and have a class devoted to ACT to ensure all students are having the potential to get accepted in their match and fit school.
When it comes to being a student at Idea San Benito, I love how they've always been there to push myself academically and simply been there to guide me. Not only that but the culture itself is practically a mini college campus.
What I like about Idea San Benito is that everyone cares about eachother and the teachers do their best to make their students go to college. What they should change is have more clubs and sports.
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From coming to IDEA, I have learned about college experience and the necessity of college. Teachers, administrators, and counselors care about students and remind them that college is a big part of what our school prepares for us.
Here at Idea san benito when I first arrived as a freshman I felt so welcomed and everybody was so out there. Throughout the years I made acquaintances but I also made one real friend Martha. She is one of the realest girls I have ever. She always has my back. Friends are one thing, and another I experienced was the culture of idea and everything that comes with it. I also had to get used to something new because idea is a charter school which is half private and half public it meant we had to use uniforms. Of course I realized the transition of going to a public school to a charter was gonna be new, but everything that came with the school I had to try and get used to it.
I have a better education through this school and I could not have received better opportunities and support.
When I moved to IDEA in 6th grade, I was nervous and shy but the awesome teachers and kind students quickly broke me out of my shell. Because of the fact that I have a class of less than 100 students, we are now all closely knit, which is something I love most about my school. I love that our counselors and teachers do anything to prepare us for the real world and they are always supporting us in our college decisions. Our school spirit has done nothing but grow more and more as we realize what a great school IDEA is and what amazing people are surrounding us.
Although the IDEA mission and core values are excellent, the teachers there are too incompetent to even attempt to accomplish any goals. All the good teachers get scouted to headquarters, so the ones left teaching at the school are the ones who, ironically enough, can't even teach.
The security is not what you would think it is. In my time at this school there has not been any fights or violent acts so there really never was a need for security. The nurse is quite helpful but can use a decent amount of improvement.
There are several clubs which have the teachers becoming very interactive with the students around them. Sometimes the clubs get a little disorganized but overall they are very fun and hold interests for almost all the students.
I would want to come to this school from freshman year if could do it all over again. I came late and ow all the bonds with the students are going to be lost due to graduation.
Most teachers try their best to support the students but some teachers could care less and are very rude.
The academics of this school are great. Idea San Benito was recently recognized as the 16th most challenging school in the nation. Our teachers really care about us. Our college counselors regularly inform us about college. Every student knows how important college is. IDEA also takes us on a field lesson every year to visit colleges. My eighth grade year, my class and I went to Louisiana. We visited LSU, Loyola, Tulane University and other schools in the area. This year, the school took my class to Austin. We went to UT, San Marcos, etc.
At our school, there is hardly ever any bullying and the school is safe. We have a fence surrounding the whole school and to enter, every car should have a sticker on the windshield to show they are a parent or guardian.
There are a lot of after school activities. Other schools might not consider them fun but at IDEA, every student is worried about college. Our after school programs include engineering, art, etc. We also have sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, flag football and cross country.
I love that the school encourages students to do their best on work and assignments because they know how important it is for us to attend college. My school since when since it was founded, has had 100% college acceptance. they also help us a lot with our AC T scores we have programs like Sylvan that help us increase our score. Our school also requires 125 community service hours in order to graduate which is very helpful when applying for colleges
I enjoy the teachers. I do not enjoy the strict policies regarding uniform.
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IDEA San Benito offers students more than they think. As a child still blossoming you don't quite understand how invaluable the ideal "high school feeling" is opposed to a greater education. I'm glad my parents moved me when they did, had they not I might not have even been in college.
My school does not have a lot of sports and the football field is shared with the soccer field. We don't have a lot of equipment to work with and/or a work out place.
The clubs and organizations are okay, being that Idea San Benito is a college prep school and focused more on studies and work. We have some great clubs and some not so great, depending on the students interests. I wish we had better clubs and organizations such as band and tackle football and track and baseball. Our school does not have a band because of funding purposes. Our school is growing slowly, but some clubs are made and some are forgotten because of the lack of resources and money and participation of students. For now we are okay, but we need more sports activities as well. In most cases of organizations, the staff does not really support us and parents, usually its empty. Our school loads students with a lot of work and homework, its hard to be able to participate in organizations.
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