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Idea college Preparatory Pharr it is a small school that has all the grades( pk-12). They help their students go to college and they have Advance Placement courses to help students lower the amount of money that they need to pay for college. Most students are Hispanics with mostly Mexican culture with a little bit of United States cultures.
I like that the teachers really did care about the students and did what they could to get them to go to college, whether it was finding them scholarships, helping them with FAFSA or finding a college that fit according to their act scores and GPA. They focused more than just passing STAAR but also working on Ap exams which boosted students level of thinking. Also, the school would plan end of the year field trips where students would go to other states to visit different colleges such as Standford, Harvard, Tufts, Georgetown, and many more. It was a wonderful experience that showed students that they could have the option of going to a college that was out of the city or out of state.
I loved the support in terms of college applications and academics. I would change the amount of extracurricular activities they have. While you can form your own club whenever you want, there is lack of sports and the focus is much more on academics. I like that this focus gets me ready for college, but do recognize that after school involvement in extra curricular activities would have helped. Other than that, great school and would recommend to any one with the goal of going to college and finishing a career. Great preparatory. I have been here since I was in the 8th grade and my experience in terms of academics could not have been better elsewhere. The AP classes here are very demanding and rigorous, but they prepare me for the college life.
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High school is tough for everybody. IDEA is honestly a great school; the only thing that bothers me about IDEA Pharr in particular is its lack of extracurricular activities. But I'm sure that will change over the years.
Teachers are attentive and knowledgeable. Most students feel comfortable enough to reach out for them. They care about their kids.
IDEA really challenges students in academics, its a great option for students who want to be challenged. We are taken to outside that state filed lessons to take a better look at colleges so that our options grow when choosing the perfect college for us.
They give importance to uniform policy because they believe we should be equal and not judge others for what they wear. It also maters wearing it right like having a tucked in shirt if not then it is a demerit if told more than once.
The air condition is well because never too hot in the classrooms and the counselor helps the students.
They don't just focus on STAAR they make sure the students are being prepared for the real world.
The teachers are very nice and very helpful when students have trouble with schoolwork.They know how to teach and know how to be fun They get along well with the students and the students are able to ask the teacher for help when they need it.
That I know of there are no real problems with diversity because most students in the school are Mexican/Mexican-american and they do not judge based on race. Also every student is able to find compatibility with others that they are able to get along with,this makes it easy for students to be accepted.
Parents and students go and support the teams by motivating and cheering them on. They have well supplies that are either new or work well.The soccer field is big enough for them to practice.
There are a lot of clubs such as mariachi,dance,gardening,chess and sports.A lot of students are involved and commit to these clubs by participating in special events that some clubs have. Teachers get along with their and are able to get along and help the students to improve.
The school is very safe because the school does not tolerate bullying and handles it very well. They also make that there is no danger and make sure people sign before they can come in the school.
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