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IDEA Academy - Donna Reviews

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I love the teachers and the atmosphere. The only thinking is there is not enough parking spots. Whenever there is an event there is no where to park
We have a number of extracurricular activities, but they are not funded very much.
Any clubs can be started up, you just have to send a proposal. Our school is small so your voice never goes unheard of.
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All of the teachers at my school spend time making sure that all of the students either 90%-100% know the topic that was taught in class or the teacher will go over it until mastered.
It got me ready for college there is no doubt in that, but when it came to essays and tests it was like all teachers agreed for same dates, and it just made it more stressful. Also there is not many sports or extracurricular classes available. It also needs a track and better band hall.
Overall a good school, although various things should be different.
With the exception of the portables it's great.
I would do it again if given the option.
Most teachers go above and beyond what is the norm.
A lot of student involvement and acceptance.
Athletics is a very important part of the school community.
The school nurse is not authorized to administer any medication, she needs to call parents to give students a cough drop. Not helpful
They provided clubs for after school wish are great
Its an anti bullying school school nurse always aware u of any accident that may have occure to my child
They help the kids in every need they have.. As well as to respond to parents concern
The school system is spending more money on other schools, so the facilities are kind of old.
The school is one of the best in the nation so the academics are difficult.
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There is no options, so the food is okay.
Since students from all over The Valley come to this school, there is not a large sense of school spirit. Everyone is more loyal to the city from which they come.
The social classes at idea are very open, there are much more students in the classes then there is in a regular high school. Do I feel that the minimum number of students make students more friendly and student involved with a lot of things. In addition, many of the students have been with the other students from kindergarten, so this makes students more friendly and reliable on other due to the fact that everyone know everyone.
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