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During my experience during high school it was about average but being a smaller knitted school the students are a lot closer and able to get help whenever. The teachers at this school are okay with students coming in after and before class when you have questions or need extra help which has helped during the school years.
I transferred to Idalou High School when I was a freshman. I was never a popular student and didn't have much friends but what I did have was an amazing environment to learn and flourish in. The teachers and staff are impeccable in all ways. A teacher can really make a difference in a child's education and life, and having the ones that I did have was an amazing oppurtunity. I am blessed to have been able to be taught by Idalou ISD teachers.
This school claims to be high in the diversity category when in fact from my observation over the last 20 years. IDALOU ISD tends to cater to one race over the other ones. That to me is not having a good relationship with each student. While some of the other race are left behind. It not so much the teachers but the administration and board.
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I like that our administration try’s so hard to keep our students involved and try to keep school fun by letting us play school wide activities that lets us get to know everyone at school. I like how our teachers are relaxed but they still do their best to teach us and help us out whenever we need it. Our overall goal is the Be the Good and so far they are doing great at reaching that goal.
Idalou High School was the place where I learned who I was, the place where I was challenged, and the place grew up. Idalou is a small knit community but also a school district who's pride and joy is tradition.
I like Idalou High School because we got to hang out with friends and had fun activities, school sports mostly everyone got together, everyone got along with each other teachers were nice school sports everyone was apart of everything. The most thing that I liked about Idalou Hugh school is that mostly everyone felt like Family.
This school us one of the best schools in the nation. I love going to the school because it is a very challenging and has lots of school spirit. I am proud to be an Idalou Wildcat for life.
My experience with Idalou High School was a rollercoaster ride. I had good times and I had bad times, but doesn’t every high school student? One thing I really enjoyed is the community of my school. Growing up in a small town gave me the opportunity to have so much support from people I have know my whole and my family has also known their whole life. Idalou is full of school spirit and pride, and I am proud of where I graduated from.
I grew up in Idalou Texas and I loved my time there. I attended Idalou elementary, middle, and high school. I always had wonderful teachers who really cared about my education.
Teachers are very interactive with their students and very understanding with many situations that come about throughout the school year.
Idalou high school was a great school! What I like about the school was that everyone was very supportive in what you do and the teachers would help you get to where you want to be. The teachers weren't just teachers they felt like family. The coaches were outstanding about your goals and achievements as well. If there was one thing I would change about idalou high school, it would have to be the books and calculators that we needed and weren't given. The history books needed to be updated as well as the calculators they provided us with.
Idalou High School is overall a great school. Some of the administrators are obviously partial towards certain students and other administrators. While other administrators are absolutely amazing, unfortunately they are slowly being pushed out by the partial administrators. A majority of the teachers however their feeling towards students are still great teachers and will work with the students if the student is willing to put in the work and time.
Idalou is a place built on hard work that is continually driven by a tradition of success. Each member of the Wildcat Team from the students to the principal are unwavering in their dedication to the furthering of the community, and of themselves. Although not ornamented with the nicest football stadium or updated facilities, Idalou adorns itself with trophies won from competitions of academics and athletics; continually proving its essence of excellence. As you can see, I have come to bleed green and gold because Idalou has taught me more than my ABCs. Idalou has showed me that an outstanding work ethic will always render outstanding results. Idalou is a very special place surrounded by the support of a very special community, and I wouldn't change my time there for the world.
One school one team one family. Great environment for learning. Small classes exceptional staff award winning extra curricular from academics to sports!
Idalou High School has brought me upon several memories that I will forever cherish. The town of Idalou itself is an outstanding town with very friendly people. Idalou is known for their academics and even sports because Idalou is good at so many things. The only thing I would change about Idalou if i could would be having more college readiness classes for example, CNA class which would help for college readiness for nursing.
Idalou excels at UIL among all age groups. Every meet that we attend, we make our presence known and dominate the competition.
I believe that the people in the town of Idalou is what makes it so unique. Idalou is known for upholding many sacred traditions. The support that each and every organization receives is what motivates us to strive for success in everything that we do. The students at Idalou are very well rounded and participate in many different clubs and organizations.
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Through my four years at Idalou High School, I have encountered many wonderful teachers who I also believe are amazing people. The teachers are very helpful and and will go above and beyond to ensure that we are receiving the assistance that we need. They understand that not all students learn at the same pace and are more than happy to assure that each and every student is fully grasping and comprehending each lesson.
It great to learn. Great environment to be in to learn
It has a good health place. To be around.
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