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Good experience! Most of the teachers are good at their jobs, and there is a wide variety of course options and plans. Being able to work ahead and have a flexible schedule for work and social interaction is a huge plus. The counselors are great at helping high school students in preparing for college and/or life after high school. Despite being an onlie school, I have actually made quite a few friends!
My experience with the Idaho Virtual Academy has been pretty good. It was different and a good refreshing change after being in a public school all my life. I am an ADD student who struggles to keep a routine. Changing my learning setting often is something that is very important to me, for it allows me to continue on the right track and not get to comfortable with one thing. IDVA gave me that change that I needed to be successful and I am very grateful for my decision to join.
It was really nice how much the school helped me out. I wasn't supposed to graduate on time but Crystal made sure it happened.
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Attending Idaho Virtual Academy changed my life. I enrolled in this school because I was bullied severely at my previous middle school and high school, and have never felt more appreciated. Thanks to this school, I am near the top of my class and have a great GPA. I love this school because the teachers and administrators will do whatever it takes to to make sure the students are learning, happy, and prepared for life after high school. There truly is not anything I would choose to change about this school. I have appreciated every teacher I have had, and am so thankful that I received my education through Idaho Virtual Academy.
Since IDVA is a rather new school, I think they haven't had a chance to set up a lot of extracurricular activities. They have a lot of club options, but they are online national clubs for all the Virtual Academy schools. Also, since it is an online school much of the time after-school activities aren't an option.
This school was great. It had fantastic teachers and a lot of club choices. My biggest thing with it is it's limited choices on electives, but it is a rather new school so they did have a lot of choices for how new they were. This school had a lot of opportunities for the advance students and always pushed students to do better. My favorite part was being able to do my school when I chose (whether it was at night or I could take an extra day off by compiling a day of school across the other four days).
Not every teacher was perfect for me, but most of the teachers I had were awesome and I got along with very well. Every single teacher I had were always happy to help if I was struggling and every single one was friendly. There were very few teachers that had teaching methods I wasn't compatible with, but they were willing to help. Sometime it would take a teacher a while to grade something, but most of them had a second teaching job and there were always a lot of students in a class so I understood why.
The High School monthly activities are always fun.
I like this school because I can do my lessons at home at my own pace. I enjoy the monthly get-togethers of the high school students where we have game nights, dances, and all-nighters. Many of the kids in the high school have been with the online school since elementary school, and most of us have known each other since we were young.
I have received help when asked. Teachers are also very understanding and flexible.
Being an online school, there is not a lot of extra-curricular activities.
This school is very flexible with its schedule and works very well with students with demanding schedules.
The teachers of this school are generally very engaging with their students. The make time for you if you need it and the work to stay up to date on your progress.
Hard to do with an online school.
I love the fact that I can attend class whenever I am available. It is very flexible.
I really enjoy my lessons and feel that I have grown as a student.
The teachers don't really seem to care all that much about the students, except for the rare exceptions.
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Locations are often far from the area the student lives in
Some teachers should have more LiveLessons
There pretty much are no extracurricular activities at IDVA because it is a virtual academy
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