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Idaho National Guard Youth Fall Challenge Academy Reviews

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The health and safety policies at IDYCA are exceptional. One of our 8 core components is health and hygiene. There's an experienced nurse practitioner who is at the school Monday-Friday, and a CNA on the weekends to assist potential, and common Physical Education-related accidents. There is a 0-tolerance bullying standard, students proved guilty of bullying were expelled immediately. For our personal safety, there was 24 hour supervision provided by Master Sergeants and Tech. Sergeants of different branches of the military. There was also video surveillance on all grounds of the property. Not to mention, the school itself is pretty secluded at 3,094 feet above sea level, tucked in woods of Pierce, Idaho. I always felt safe.
The extracurricular opportunities at IDYCA are limited; there's no team sports, no clubs, no debate team, due to limited funds and resources. Contrarily, there was never a dull moment for students. We all took an Idaho Food Handlers course, a Pre - CNA course, a boating license course, and completed countless educational community service hours. In other words, the extracurricular activities unusual, but widely available.
My experience at the Idaho Youth Challenge Academy is difficult to describe in one word, I would go with bitter-sweet. Having so much structure at IDYCA, with it being a boarding school based on military customs, was a huge adjustment for me and everyone. It could be extremely, emotionally testing at times. Considering the accomplishments I made, and the opportunities IDYCA provided, however, shades a beautiful glow on the memory of my overall experience.
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Over all, my experience with teachers at the Idaho Youth Challenge Academy(IDYCA was exceptional. It's clear that most teachers at IDYCA are passionate about their work, and genuinely care about their students. With the limited resources provided, teachers were still effective in carrying out job duties on a daily basis. Personal instances with teachers at IDYCA were unique, such that, the fondness for their careers and students was consistently apparent. Ms. Macumber (science teacher) sticks out in my memory greatly for how much I learned in her class. This may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but I genuinely feel like I accrued more prevalent knowledge in her one science class, than I learned in every one of my previous 11 (I was a senior at the time) science classes combined. Her consistent teaching methods, and obtainable lesson plans were most effective. The other teacher who shine particularly bright in my memory is Mr. Brocke, the math teacher. I was clear to me that Mr. Brocke was beyond over qualified for the position he held at IDYCA, he always had a new strategy to help every student understand the material. Not to mention Mr. Brocke taught 4 different classes in one class period, being that most of us were at different levels, I was able grow in pre-calculus, while a handful of my peers were accelerating in pre-algebra, and geometry. I've never had a teacher who could more efficiently uphold the No Child Left Behind act put into action during President Bush's term. Wide and far it's safe to say the teachers at IDYCA, are great.
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