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Right now I'm in student government as a freshmen. I love this school so much. The school has a sense of togetherness and school spirit. If we got the bond that's been proposed and denied in the last few years, we could renovate our school and make it safer because it's very old and it needs renovating.
It is a large school and funding is not the highest, but the teachers and staff care about you and the campus is beautifully built.
Staff was amazing. Especially Emily McCoy -Leffel. The most caring teachers and supportive faculty. You really feel the school spirit and love here.
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I had a lot of fun at Idaho Falls High School. However, it was too easy to succeed. I previous went to school in Utah and the expectations to work hard and learn were much higher in Utah. I did not have to try for anything at this school because I just had to show up to succeed. Other than that the teachers are friendly and want you to succeed.
It was good, but it was still high school. I had amazing teachers and all of the courses were great, but school is school and we did have some really weird assemblies at times. Overall I have learned a lot at Old IFHS. I just wish the bond had passed, so we could have a new school.
All of the teachers that I worked clearly showed passion towards teaching students and always went out of their way to ensure that each student was receiving the right amount of care
I like the close-knit, city feel to it. Close to home and lots of places to enjoy lunch with friends. Many good programs and opportunities.
I liked the teachers and the diversity of students. The faculty was all very friendly. The layout of the school was kind of wide spread but it helps with exercise. The work out classes really helped and were very involved. The students were pretty nice. The administration is very helpful and friendly to anyone that walks in their door.
My experience at Idaho Falls High School has been very good overall. The school has some great teachers and gives everyone an opportunity to learn. I love the social attitude at school, everyone is kind and accepts you into their friend groups. One thing that I would like changed is new, better facilities. The current school building is old, outdated, and small.
IFHS lacks a large variety of "elective" like classes, making harder for students to discover what a good career path would be. Also, many of the teachers are filling in spots for the amazing teachers who have retired, and these new teachers don't seem to have the desire to teach students at a high level. Some of the AP classes will not help you pass the AP test unless you are self-motivated and have time to spare. Also, if you are trying to make a change to the system or be a leader, IFHS does not actively support you. If you have parents with money and love to throw tantrums, then you will be listened to. If you don't like utter stress, this school isn't a bad one. I've highlighted mostly bad, but this school could be a lot worse and is kinda just a normal high school!
I.F.H.S is awesome! Great teachers and staff! Unfortunately the school itself is fairly dated, and has been neglected by the district and has really been run by parents and faculty trying to keep it’s programs such as clubs and sports running smoothly. It’s a true inner-City school that has a diverse mix of characters. I would certainly recommend Idaho Falls High School.
It was like any other high school in the US. Everyone had their cliques, their favorite and least favorite teachers, and their own troubles. One thing I would fix was the building. It is extremely old and most of the classrooms and bathrooms are disgusting.
Idaho Falls Senior High School is one of the best schools in Idaho Falls. Diversity is excellent. Teachers do the best they can. I have played a sport throughout my 4 years at Idaho Falls and they are fair and full of integrity. The students care about the progress of their school. Students are treated with respect and in turn they treat others with respect. I will be sad to be leaving and joining the 'real' world. The only change I would make is to have a newer facility.
I loved how much pride our school has. I take pride knowing that normal stereotypes of an inner city High school don't apply to us. I also love the history that lives in our walls. I.F.H.S. was built in the 1950's which was during the cold war. This means that our school has been around for a long time. I find it cool that I can go to the same High school that my grandpa and my parents did, its like a legacy.
Upon nearing my final weeks at Idaho Falls High School, I would not trade my high school experience for anything. Despite the areas that this school lacked-- broken bathrooms, crowder hallways and stairways, drainage pit, and cramped classrooms-- it has made up for in a memorable experience. Tiger Nation: it really is a mindset. From respecting the tiger tile, to chanting "let's get a little bit rowdy" and "Namir Basara," to the emotion bowl festivities, school spirit and pride is overflowing in my fellow students. We love our school, and that alone has made my high school experience invaluable.
What I would like to see change with the Idaho falls high school would be the room. I believe there are too many students for the school. There are classes with so many students that it can be hard to focus. On the other hand the students are great and the teachers really do care about your learning and success.
This is a school where you can be yourself without others judging you. There is a lot of support in this school. Teachers want you to graduate and are willing to help you in anyway they can. If your grades slip the Councilors are watching you and will call you down to see if everything is ok. It is a safe place, there hasn't been any involvement with cops or and tragedies of any sort. The students are respectful and nice. My experience at this school has been beyond amazing and I have some very good memories here. Even though this is a very old school I couldn't see myself anywhere else than at Idaho Falls High School. If I could change one thing at this school is to add an auditorium to it.
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Certainly the best high school in Idaho Falls in terms of education, however after having been to now both Washington and California and seen how much further ahead their students are in terms of college readiness and opportunities provided to them, the Idaho education system is a true mockery.
Although the school facility itself is rather run down, the teacher do a fantastic job with making use of the resources they have! There are many available clubs, well rounded teachers, and the AP department is very strong. IF High School is running high with school spirit and overall made for a great high school option. I've attended courses at two other high schools in the district, and neither one competes with the courses at IF.
I have loved attending Idaho Falls High School. The faculty is amazing and the school is too. Go tigers
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