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IDEA allows me to be flexible in picking my classes and when I work on school, and the staff is very helpful and polite whenever I need help.
Our family has used IDEA for ten years. All of the teachers, administrators, support staff and tech people are all very helpful and friendly. I appreciate the curriculum being made available for me at no cost. The teachers are available to help my children any time they need help. It's a huge time-saver for me to have the IDEA teachers set the pace with assignments. I appreciate the regular testing too to determine if my children are on track or if they need to spend more time on certain areas. The IDEA staff has been very helpful when we needed more than the usual due to various issues.
We have done this school for 2 years now and we love it! I love that my kids can move at their pace for each subject. I love the distant teachers and how helpful they are. Testing is easy and not stressful. They know my children individually and treat them well! They work with me and have always been respectful and helpful. When we moved, we were without the internet for a MONTH but the teachers worked with me. They found things off the internet they could do, emailed me so I could check it on my phone, sent me PDFs so I could print off things at the library, was wonderful!
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I enjoy being able to do school work on my own time, but having resources available to get help whenever I need it. It also has prepared me well for college in building my self-discipline and learning how to get School work done without someone reminding me and on my own time.
Idaho Distance Education Academy gave me the opportunity to be in charge of my own academics and schedule, which I loved. Online schooling gave me the freedom to do what I wanted and fit my schooling to ME. I was able to have a flexible schedule and participate in activities during the day which I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. It was also nice being able to do school work where I wanted. I would like to see some of the communication between students/parents and counselors changed. I had trouble my last year being able to get in touch with people in a decent time frame due to the number of students my counselor was assigned to. I also thing that it would be good to have some more activities so students can get to know each other. This would be best on the weekend and maybe doing a potluck and games at a park. I personally didn't really know any other the other students I graduated with.
I love that my son can do the school work at his convenience; at the time of day that is best for him. Although the assignments seem difficult sometimes, as long as he does them on time, the likelihood of getting an A is very high. The teachers are friendly, most of the other students seem to care about doing their schoolwork which makes the overall rating for the school be the #1 online school in Idaho. I'm very pleased that we chose this school and that it is working out well for my son. (Grade 9 to 12)
Many of the teachers are highly knowledgeable, however others are just teaching part time as a side job and 'doing their best'. The teacher to student ratio is not good for some of the subjects, and sometimes assignments go ungraded for a long period of time, which is bad for the students if they have done something wrong and are not aware of it.
I've learned a lot at this school and have learned at a faster pace than most public schools in the area.
A lot of them take their sweet time replying back to questions and most dont even comment or show what you got wrong on your homework.
not the worst school i have seen
I enjoyed the friendliness and the small community.
Decent curriculum choices for each subject.
Great, could be more flexible with some curriculum choices.
There aren't very many extra-curricular options.
Since everyone is homeschooled, there isn't a lot of interaction with other students.
All are very nice, intelligent and eager to help.
The resources and facilities are outstanding in my area. There are two other areas in the state as well.
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They have National Honors Society, National History Day, and other clubs to get involved with.
I love this school and would not choose to go anywhere else. Other schools with students do not work for me like it does at this school. There are very few problems with the students at this school and they are all accepting and friendly.
Can work when your schedule allows it. Very flexible.
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