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Idaho City High School Reviews

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The teachers at Idaho City High School are some of the most amazing people I have ever met and I have cherished my time with each of them so dearly. The students are so different from everywhere else- which is fun, but hard to deal with sometimes. However, if you don't let them get you down it is a very fun and special school.
i have really liked going here it is a small school, so it is easy to now everybody. We have a wonderfull sports program. We play sports year round and we usually go to the playoffs with all of our teams.
Idaho City is a school where the students come first. There is not very much funding in the district but the faculty does the best with what they can. The teachers really do care about their students and academics. The school tries to involve the community as much as possible and there are lots of opportunities for involvement in the school as long as you are open minded and willing to participate. I think that the school would be better if there were more clubs that would involve more students.
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My entire high school experience has occurred at Idaho City High School. It is a small school but the community and staff are extremely helpful and feel like family. You can truly feel cared for and make friends easily. I hope to see the school grow and provide more clubs and extracurricular activities. Lack of funds are probably the biggest issue, however they do an excellent job with what they have and are provided with. The community is extremely helpful and interwoven with the school district and help support each other. I would recommend this school to anyone, especially those who love the outdoors.
Students are crappy but the teachers are cool. There is lot to do outside of school but in school, there isn't a whole lot to do. The school has almost no clubs and but is open to anything fun.
same all the time . No options.
Disciplin not given equal to all students.
Weight room is home equipment, second hand. We have no track, for are track team.
They work hard with what they have.
School is looking to cut after school sports due to funding. Clubs are put on by staff, using there own money.
Needed more prep for College. Writing class for the college level would have been nice.
It's a small school, teachers really take the time to know and help each student giving them a great experience.
The school is and feels safe, as for a nurse we don't have one but our High School office is able and willing to help.
There really aren't school organized clubs or activities.
Everyone is really involved and will take personal time to help students.
Coming to school is easy, people are friendly and it's easy to get a long with one another. There is little to no problems between kids. I have enjoyed the family like atmosphere and know the teachers really care.
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