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I love going to a school that focuses on the arts. Like any school there's problems, but overall it's a great school and would recommend it to anyone that loves the arts.
This school is all about the arts and I adore it. Both the teachers and the students are super nice and I have really learned a lot at this school.
This is my first year here at Idaho Arts, and overall, I've been pleased with my experience. The teachers here are great, my only problem with them is some of the teachers do not care about one on one time. It is a small school and one on one time would help students feel like they are cared about. But other than that, the teachers are amazing. The students here love it. They love what they are doing and they are caring about fellow students.
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I absolutely love Idaho Arts Charter School. The teachers are so caring and understanding. They help you achieve your goals in multiple ways. They help you grow more in the arts and academically.
This is my fourth year at Idaho Arts Charter, and I am very lucky to be on the dance team. This school has helped me a lot with grades and better testing scores.
I loved the arts integration at this school. However the art focuses are becoming more of a burden than a help, screwing up people's schedules so they are forced to take online classes to squeeze in a theory class or switch their focus. Student government has absolutely no power.
This is an excellent school. I attended from 9th to 12th grade. The classes are fairly small, (my graduating class was less than 50 students) so it feels more like a family. I knew everyone in my classes, sometimes that wasn't so great, but I still knew them. The teachers are wonderful. All of them genuinely care about their students academically and personally. Everyone in this school, students and faculty, are typically much less apathetic than those in public schools. They all actually care. That is difficult to find in a school. I did not attend this school during elementary school, but a lot of my friends did. Based on their experiences, I am sad that I did not. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in art, drama, dance, or music, but also anyone who wants a school that is small and has a good community.
What I loved about the school was the fact that I didn't have to really worry about showing my social side. I also very much liked the teachers, because they were always willing to help during lunch, before and after class/school. Some more things that I liked about the school was that the class sizes were not super big, but instead small enough for me to feel comfortable within the environment. Now one of the main reasons why I liked it so much was the fact that the staf
Idaho Arts Charter School was my home from my first grade year all the way to my graduation. This is a school that encourages diverse learning styles through an art center curriculum that I flourished in. Teachers and students alike are involved in the community that IACS has built over the decade and a half that it has been running. I am so pleased to see the school expand to accept more and more students every year. The programs are getting better with each year as well.
The only thing that I would like to see change at this school is to see more interdependence and support between the different art departments in order to build up the full community at IACS more.
Overall this school has been a huge influence on my life and will continue to be a large part of the person that I want to be. I will always be an Idaho Arts Charter Phoenix.
Idaho Arts Charter school has an enormous amount of opportunities available to all students. We focus on the arts- music, dance, visual arts, and drama. It allows a free flow of creativity, and it applies those arts into regular classes as well, making the most difficult classes more enjoyable. We do not have sports available in our curriculum, however. Students need to go to another school to join teams. We are fully supportive of them however, and will attend games and such. We are a very close knit group of people, and our teachers, more often than not, are our best friends and do whatever they can to make comprehension easier for us.
Amazing school in so many ways! Broad array of art focuses to choose from, with supportive, invested teachers. It is also the only school of its kind in this area, that truly supports diversity and encourages individuality in a safe enviroment.
Idaho Arts is a unique school very different from other Idaho public schools. Everything is geared towards either visual arts, dance, music, or theater. It is a small school, which means you know everyone pretty well.
The learning experience here is outstanding. I love being a part of such a wonderful and accepting community that breeds nothing but creativity. There is so much support and love for one another at this school. The teachers are actively involved in the students' educations and genuinely care that everyone is maxing out their potential. However, it is a bit disappointing that there are no in-class options for accelerated courses or AP courses. They are still available online as dual-credit, but it's not the same sort of learning community. Even if there are no advanced courses, the teachers and students are very encouraging and many people thrive in the academic and creative environment.
My experience at Idaho Arts Charter School was mostly positive. It was a very low-stress environment. However, our school often took pride in no bullying at IACS, but there still was very much that was prominent. Additionally, it did not offer a wide-range of classes, so I was very unprepared for many core classes in college. I wouldn't condemn IACS because they did give me many amazing opportunities, but it was not the best high school experience.
Wonderful teachers who really care about their students. Lots of opportunities for art but next to none for sports. Unless you take dance classes, physical education is not available. Small school but lots of good people. The college prep classes helped a lot with preparing for college which was great.
This School is not like any other. This school is the best for children who are interested in the arts. Starting from Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade your child will fall in love with what this school has to offer. The school has a dance team and classes, music recording, band, rock band, choir, guitar, drum classes, graphic art, photography and also has a fantastic theater program. If your child is into any sort of art this school is for them.
My experience with Idaho Arts Charter was overall good. Everyone is accepting of who you are and what you want to be. It is like having a second family who supports you in following your dreams. The teachers and staff are probably my favorite thing about my school. They care about you and your life, and if you are struggling they take time out of their day to help you succeed. They are trustwhorthy. The only thing I would change are the uniforms.
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I have really enjoyed the school. The teachers are great they are very involved and make sure students do their best. They have good programs for the arts.
I love how accepting of others this school is. They really make the environment feel safe and inviting, and they really celebrate the arts. The teachers here care about their students, and are very willing to help anyone in need.
The atmosphere of creativity is strong at Idaho Arts Charter School. Even better, there is no tolerance for bullying and diversity is the norm! Its amazing that students are really well behaved and responsible (such as children can be), and that the campus is K-12. There are also lots of opportunities for extra curricular involvement if students are interested. Notably, the counselor is very caring.
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