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I love this school so much. It’s a little dated but the faculty and staff truly care about the students and their best interests. This school provides access to opportunities for all students.
The environment, "Preparing champions for life.". The staff interaction, and community support. As well as the students, because of the students, other individuals have a back support and encouragement.
Idabel High School is small rural school with diversity among the students, staff, and teachers. The school is linked to the community as family, supportive parents, grandparents, neighbors, and friends. Academics, clubs, sports, and other activities are really big in our community. Native Americans are big plus in the school and community.
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I liked Idabel High School because the teachers there are very understanding and they are pretty flexible. I also loved playing sports there. I became a state champion in the 4x200 relay just last year! Their also haven't been very many major disciplinary issue in all my 4 years here.
Idabel High School is a fun school to be in. However, the college readiness level is low and those students who are super smart are the only ones who will make it in college. The sports are fun to play and the community really comes out to support for athletic events. The food is the best thing, hands down. Best lunch in the county.
The school, like most public schools in the state, in underfunded. They provided a decent education considering the tools and funds they had available. The teachers got to know their students rather well considering the small size, but because of this they often had obvious favorites that would receive more attention than the other students.
Idabel High was a challenge, we didn't get that much attention but the district was GREAT. The teachers involved with the students life made it easier they want nothing but the best for us.
Idabel High wasn't like no other school, we barely had bullies. Our very diverse class and students brings us all closer to get to know about different ethnics. We mainly come together to make everyone feel accepted and comfortable to walk the halls and courtyard. No one should feel like an outsider, someone will make sure that you get know the school and student body.
I had an amazing experiance at idabel High school. Thé teachers care whole heartedly a bout their students and their lives.
Idabel was probably the best school I've attended. If I have any regrets it's that I didn't switch sooner.
The teachers at Idabel always do whatever they can to make everyone feel welcome and most of all succeed.
The school doesn't have enough money so you don't have as many opportunities.
The teachers are here to get paid, not teach.
The teachers are always more worried about cell phones being out in the hall ways rather than the percentage of students that pass their class.
I would say that in security we are very low in ratings. On the other hand we have a school nurse great lunch ladies, feeding every student a free meal, Working showers for athletics. we have almost everything we would need to be healthy.
We have a great variety of clubs someone could join. Any athletics, art, any local clubs, we have it all for such a small community. We have pretty much everything a person would want to do. We even had a Hackie Sack club.
My school has a small population of 385 students. The school is very diverse, ranging from African American to Pacific Islanders. I grew up with experience with many cultures. My school also has a foreign exchange program, allowing all of our students to experience even more culture, from students around the world.
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Most of the teachers at my school offer their time to give a lending hand. Many stay after school to, either help a student fix errors in a paper, to maybe late to extend the deadline. My teachers are great, but they aren't push overs. They grade very tough, but are wiling to help so the students will have a great grade.
We have several sports to participate in but team spirit is null.
Its great were all interact with each other, mostly some stay in groups, others like to talk to each and every other grades at the school. When coming into the school and getting involved we start to talk to others that are usually not in your little same group.
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