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Ida S. Baker High School Reviews

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Nice to have the options of academies to work towards getting knowledge and certifications of any possible future careers
Ida Baker High school was a great school and opened up so much opportunities for me. The teachers and staff are great and give the students every opportunity and material to expand our knowledge.
Ida Baker High School is a great place to be! The teacher truly care about the students and success. They don't only focus on the education but how the students will be after high schools as well. They want everyone to be well off. If something concerns us students the faculty will ensure that everything is situated and listen to our needs.
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Ida S. Baker High School was my first high school choice because it offered the medical program. When I was in the medical class in middle school, I just knew I had an interest in the field. I was determined to work hard to get into Ida Baker. That determination ended up being the best decision I ever made. The beginning of high school I only focused on school work. It wasn’t a mistake, but I missed out on a lot of school events. Sophomore year when I started to get more involved, I found myself entangled with the school. I was meeting tons of new people, building great connections with teachers and just having a good time. I never thought about participating because I didn’t see a point. After the years I put into baker, I’ve come out with a sense of belonging and purpose. Ida baker helped me excel my social skills, my connections, and ability to put myself out there. I’ve grown some sort of confidence to make me think I can do what I want if I just went for it.
Teachers were always there to help you in any subject that you were struggling with. Academics were a thing that they held very highly. The school and stuff help my become a better person in todays society. I played three sports when attending the high school and the programs were good. The facility was super nice and clean.
Being involved with the school, such as the sports and football trainer really made my experience excellent. The school has such a high spirit and friendly environment. I graduated in 2016. Once a bulldog always a bulldog.
since my freshmen year, i noticed a big difference in the teachers and skills compared to middle school. I thought it would be hard but what makes it difficult is their teaching habits. Their lack of knowledge is effortless and they assume for us to learn the material ourselves. It is their job to teach us as students and to give us a suitable amount of homework. Nowadays, school is about finishing the work not learning the material which is horrendous.
The school is very good. The teachers really cared about the students and the lessons were very thorough and to this day I remember some of them. the counselors did their very best to help students succeed. It was also a very good environment and very safe as well.
I would like to see more prep for seniors---preparation for admission testing, more assistance finding scholarships
Ida S. Baker is a great school because of the academic academy's they offer for students going into different fields such as Medical, firefighting, teaching, automotive and more. Teachers are always willing to work with students on their own time so that they can achieve excellence. My school is constantly working to be a model school in the community by volunteering & local benefits. Ida S. baker is an amazing school!!!
Ida S. Baker is a good school. The teachers all are very interactive an get to know each kid individually. I made great memories at this school and met the bests of friends.
I loved all the opportunities I had to explore my possible future career choices! Overall the teachers were great and I only had one teacher that seemed un-enthused.
My high school experience at Ida S. Baker High School was an overall good experience. I am involved in the medical academy here and I enjoy it very much. I have a fair amount of opportunities to better myself and my education. I would like to see the administration be more involved, however. I feel like we need a better connection and more support from the administation
Ida S. Baker is just a normal High School. We have our sometimes fun events, like pep rallies, homecoming, prom etc. Our school lunch is well, school lunch. If you are looking for a diverse school, this is not the school for you, we only have white and hispanics. I wish our school was more diverse and had more school spirit in general.
I loved the programs they had available to the students such as the Medical Academy or the Automotive Academy. The teachers were excellent and well back grounded we just lacked resources to learn more.
Overall I cannot say that it is a great school due to the several mistakes that they are making. At this school security is so poor that anyone could easily get into the parking lot and probably later to the school itself because when there is a security guard, he is not watching for security; they are more concerned of keeping students in than of keeping bad ones out. Also, there are multiple rules that are uncomfortable for good students, that do not fix the problem of those who could care less.
I liked the first two years, when we had phenomenal teachers and administration was more relaxed. My experience has deteriorated over the years, though, as more teachers have left and been replaced by less lively teachers.
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Throughout high school, most of the staff are incredibly reasonable, in the fact that they know how to do their jobs. When walking down the halls, more than half of the teachers will greet you with a smile. One of the major things that hindered me rating Ida S. Baker an excellent score is the student population. We seem to be segregated from each other, and it takes an effect on our abilities to learn with people of different cultures. In the future, maybe enacting a program that forces kids to interact with others, will help avoid the problem.
I love the amount of rigorous classes the school offers as well as the school's JROTC program. However, there is barely any parent involvement, no spirit or motivation in the school itself. I like the fact we are able to have some opportunities such as the AP capstone program and the other academic advances we can take, however, I dislike the fact that if we have to search for that information rather than have it given to us to seek that opportunity.
Ida Baker is an excellent school academically, but the students are not able to express themselves in school spirit or in activities involving the entire school. Administration is very strict and we have an amazing security team here, but it truly restricts the students sometimes.
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