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I spent all four years of my high school career at Ida High School. It's culture is that of what fits a small agriculturally centered high school. The diversity rate is pretty low because while I was there I only remembering having a handful of minorities in my small class of 125 students. One thing though that stood out was how Ida prepared me for not only college, but all my standardized tests. From a young age they were teaching me how to write college leveled papers, which helped me thrive later in life.
Teachers/staff/administration are very caring and helpful. I feel that all teachers and staff strive to ensure that most, if not all, students are college-ready by the time they are graduating. Ida has one of the most student-involved curriculum that I have seen. Many think that it makes it harder, but I think it prepares the students for college. Senior year is definitely the year to be at Ida High School, not only because there are awesome staff members, but because college and life preparation are worked right into the curriculum. Like every school, it has its minor flaws. But, that does not beat the amount of togetherness that the Ida community provides. As I graduate from Ida High School, I feel confident that I am not only college and life-ready, but I also feel confident recommending other students attending here.
It is a great school. It is small and everyone knows everyone else. That is both good and bad. They have a great academic record.
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I loved almost every staff member, but if I could I would try to eliminate all of the politics in the academic and sports fields.
I transferred to Ida High School as a Junior. I immediately liked the feel of the school, and I really enjoyed the time I have spent there. Overall, the students are accepting of new people and I was able to adjust to the social environment fairly well. I would recommend this school to other teenagers and those in grade school. I feel more prepared for college because of Ida, and the teachers have been overall very beneficial to my education.
I love how some of the teachers and staff actually and turely care for you and what is going on in your life. I love the atmosphere of the school and the school spirit. Student council is awesome and I have loved being a part of the council. I feel as though I have learned so much in my 4 years there and can’t wait for the rest of my senior year.
The dress code at Ida High School is very strict. It is also unfair to the point where two people could wear the same thing and only one would be dress coded. I also believe that the teachers can sometimes play favorites, especially the ones who coach sports teams. There are a few teachers at Ida who are very good leaders and role models. Personally as a student, I know the teachers who I can go to if I need to talk about anything.
I like that Ida High School educates students to be successful on college entrance exams, and prepares students to be successful in college as well. The curriculum is challenging, but the teachers are friendly and helpful.
I am a senior at Ida High School this year, and it is my first year in a public school. I truly enjoy going to school at Ida because of the community. It is a tight-knit group of students and teachers, and the level of respect between the two makes learning an exciting part of my life. There's something special about the fact that most of us here spend our time farming, or working in rural-area oriented jobs during the summer, because it's a common ground. If I could change one thing about the school, I'd implement technology in the school. Students are not allowed the use of cell phones, and no homework is turned in online generally.
The best choice I have ever made was coming to Ida High School. While attending Monroe High School, I wasn't getting the extra help I needed to succeed. In my freshman year I failed almost all of my classes. When I made the switch to Ida, I instantly knew I made the right choice. The staff is super friendly, they will go above and beyond for you and your needs, and they have great learning methods. Since I have made the move I currently have all A's and B's doing wonderful! Ida is definitely a good choice for your child!
Ida is one of the best public schools in the area, but the school itself could use some upgrades. The athletic teams are all pretty good, and most of the teachers are eager to aid students who need help.
The teachers and faculty are very nice, and they care about your success. Teachers at this school honestly want you to be successful and will do anything to get you there. With this caring, the students are very respectful, and they have a desire to learn.
I always felt safe at school
After-School activites are popular with the students and most are run by teachers or other employees of the school.
The community support is great.
Ida High School has been very accepting and understanding when it comes to my disability. There were no issues when it came time to bring my service dog to school.
The only field in which the teachers are lacking is in their use of real-world examples in their lessons.
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The Parents at this school range from extremely involved to not very involved whatsoever.
The teachers at Ida seem to care more about kids passing the class than them actually learning.
We do plenty of safety drills, but I don't know if I would feel prepared in the event of an emergency.
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