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ICJA offers a well balanced, excellent Jewish and general studies education. The culture is more like a family than a school, with teachers who spend countless hours with students even outside of the classroom. The school is constantly focused on improving, using research-based methods, and students leave prepared for college and life.
I go to Ida crown and think they are a great school for academics and have a different aspect with learning Hebrew subjects.
Ida Crown is incredible. The teachers are welcoming and understanding, the students are friendly and open, and the learning opportunities are endless. Everyone cares about each other and the day is a balance of study and fun. The overall atmosphere is pleasant and enjoyable.
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I like Doc's room and the teachers. the New building is really great in terms of technology and everything is on wheels.
the building has a three door entry way and through the doors to get in you have to be buzzed in by the office staff who know each student since it is a small school.
There are many types of clubs and organizations such as the ones I selected above. for most the idea is that if you sign up for the club/ organization you have made a commitment and are therefore obligated to show up when the club meets with the exception for extenuating circumstances or missing once because you had to much homework. Each club/ organization attracts a different group of students and students can be in multiple clubs. Every club/ organization have a administrator as the head who oversees the club and gives students service points for participating.
The relationship students are able to have with teachers really makes a difference in the school. Students can bring up issues and be assured that they will be addressed to the best of the faculty's ability. The school is a community and there is a special type of atmosphere it has. Since it is on the smaller side, most students know each other and will greet each other when passing in the hallways. There also is a lot of food sharing, which bounds students. The long day and duel curriculum make the school unique and give students the opportunity to learn both secular and Jewish studies. I would choose this school again because of the friends I have made here, the teachers who have taught me a lot, the environment and the duel curriculum.
There are a lot of different teachers and each have their own way of doing everything. Regarding teaching styles, some teachers prefer to have class discussion, some have students do group projects and then present to the class, some lecture and most use a combination. Most of the teachers are very knowledgeable regarding their subject matter. They are interested in their students and do whatever they can to ensure success. They communicate well with student through being available at lunch, free periods and after school as well as each teacher having an email. Grading is consistent and teachers do not grade based on favorite students.
I wish I could start over and go to a public high school or a different private high school.
Its very easy for someone who doesn't belong to enter the building at any time.
I have very much hated my 4 years at this school.
I felt that my creativity was dulled, the environment was hostile, and my Jewish faith was diminished. I felt personally targeted for being a woman at ICJA, and the male teachers were demeaning toward their female students. What makes this school unique is how outdated and backwards their morals are. I would not come back here or send my children here. The kids at this school are downright cold, the teachers could be better, and the administration does not seem the least bit interested in the lives of the students. If you go here, you'll just be another name in the system. You will not be special; you will not feel at home.
I wish this school had a lot more of the "conventional" clubs you find at public schools. For example, Debate, Politics Club, Model United Nations. I feel like though this is an "art school," it could really benefit the students to be educated in this type of knowledge, not just art. It is imperative for teenagers in the millennial generation to know how to debate, have a conversation about politics, and be able to relate to one another in civilized manners.
Ida Crown Jewish Academy dulls creativity and teaches students to conform to their ideas of what a "Good Jew" is. They are completely backwards in their religious teaching practices, and their teachers for Judaic studies teachers seem uneducated and too closed-minded. Though the new building is beautiful, Ida Crown presents the same, mediocre education that it always has. I do not feel prepared for the real world; if anything, I feel violently unprepared. I was too sheltered in ICJA, and I was not taught how to deal with modern issues. The education/staff isn't even the worst of it. The students are disrespectful, completely oblivious to real-world issues, and just all around bratty. I did not enjoy my time there, and I do not plan on returning for a visit.
Especially with the newly constructed building I feel that my students are very safe.
Sports teams frequently win conference championships. Coaches are kind, considerate, inclusive and motivating. You often hear graduates crediting an ICJA sports coach for who they are today. For those that are not into sports there is Botball, Mathletes, Art, choir and other activities. The students also have a mandatory Chesed (community charitable time contribution) that they are required to complete every year. This is a school that not only builds knowledge but character as well.
This school has an excellent general and Judaic studies program, with caring and dedicated teachers. It also has a fantastic resource program, with an amazing staff. They recognize that bright students can have learning issues and can be in honors classes with support. They have an outstanding extra curricular program with sports teams routinely winning conference titles. The philosophy of the school is to teach students to be dedicated to Judaism as well as Israel, while living in today's world. The new building is phenomenal.
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The teachers really care about their students, with excellent academic standards. This is a rigorous college prep school that truly represents our families Jewish values. The Academy is dedicated to every student, with a great resource department for those students with learning issues, and challenging AP and accelerated courses for advanced ones. We love this school.
I loved being in my Bible class sophomore year because the teacher was great and made learning fun. I would go to this school all over again because of the friendly students and nice and caring staff.
The teachers devote all their effort to educating their students to the best of their ability. They are available both in and out of the classroom.
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