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Ichabod Crane Senior High School Reviews

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More involvement in the musical arts programs and less in sports. Our school puts on nearly broadway musicals but our football team can hardly score a touchdown.
Very good school and great teachers that are very supportive and helping you prepare for the future. There are a few things that need to be fixed but, we are like family to each.
I can say that Ichabod crane has prepared me for the real world in many different ways. The professors spend plenty of time staying after school and even letting students come in during their lunch to help them out with extra questions or needed help. As long as you show interest there will always be room for success inside Ichabod Crane. A big complaint at Ichabod is that the Professors are very quick to write referrals or send you out of class. I would like to see is Professors to take the time to talk to students or just hear out what they're dealing with instead of just turn them out of the classroom when a cloud is in the teachers sunlight. A big negative about Ichabod Crane though is the diversity. Being the only African American student in my graduating class, I did deal with some racist situations while attending Ichabod Crane but many of the children welcomed me with open arms. - Keone A. Lanier
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As someone who was involved in almost every aspect of the school system from athletics to student government to music - I must say that I had a great experience and this is a fantastic school. If I had to pick areas of improvement it would be to increase funding for music and certain athletic teams.
There are some good teachers if you're in higher level classes, but otherwise most of them couldn't care less. The school lacks diversity and many of the students are racist. The water contained lead so there was no drinkable water for a while. There is also an officer on campus now. The school, like many others, has drug issues. Hoping to resolve the drug issues, the administration took away the ability to carry book bags. It has not helped. As for college readiness, I attended a community college for my senior year and I was not prepared for it at all. Even though I took all AP and honors classes, I was not even close to being ready for college.
I attended this school district from grades k-12. I was part of the class of 2013 and I can honestly say this school shaped the person I am today. The main purpose of this school district is to ensure learning in all of its students. It prepared me for college through the many of the AP and college courses that it provided. The administration's top priority is that each and every student is treated respectfully, and works of to his or her own potential. Although it is in a rural area, it is located right in the middle of two larger cities; Albany and Hudson. Both of these places allow for many volunteer experiences and jobs in which this school district is able to set its students up with. The sports teams are very successful, and the coaches are very school-work oriented. School before sports. If you are looking for a good school to bring up your children, Ichabod Crane is the perfect school district.
I had a very positive experience at Ichabod. The school is small and very friendly, and everyone knows each other. Most of the teachers are average, but there's a good number that are excellent and go above and beyond. Faculties and food aren't great, but the gym, library, and classrooms are in good shape. Athletics is very good (aside from football), and there's lots of clubs to join. Does a good job in preparing students for the outside world overall.
I have loved this school since the second I walked in. The school encompasses many positive aspects including staff, administration, and diversity.
I have had a very positive exrience at Ichabod Crane over the past four years of my High School career. The teachers at Ichabod are very dedicated and try their best everyday to help students achieve their goals. Without the teachers at Ichabod, I would have not been able to pursue my goal of entering into the career of nursing, or have had such a great and fun experience in high school.
School nurse knows more than one would think, and police are in the school allowing for students to feel safe.
Very good at helping you specifically when you need it.
Our sports teams are usually good and our band and art clubs are pretty successful.
Love the athletic aspect. Wish more kids were involved.
The faculty is good at meeting the needs of the students.
They have classes that meet the students needs.
All of the students grew up together, so everyone knows everyone.
We have a lot of extracurricular activities at Ichabod.
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We have an anti-bullying policy so in this school bullying is not a problem!
All of the teachers do their best to meet the needs of all of their students. They also try their best to make class interesting and fun.
The teachers and staff go above and beyond to make sure that the students are well taken care of. Some of the teachers even come to school on weekends to accomadate busy high school students schedules, in order to study for upcoming tests.
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