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Ichabod Crane Primary School Reviews

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The kids enjoy their gym time but it would be nice to have more advanced opportunities.
They do a great job with signing in and following policy. I would feel a lot better if there was additional security.
The teacher's have all been wonderful so far! They try to meet each student's individual needs and give comments and suggestions.
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What I really liked about my high school year is my math classes.
The teachers I had were very nice and care for me getting good grades on their class.
I would chose this school again because most of the people a really nice and supportive.
Most of the school accepts ethnic/racial diversity but there is others who dont.
Detention in this school is strict.
This school has diffferent safety drills and emergency evacuations.
The guidance counselors are great, they help one in a very pleasant way.
Allthe sport fields and equiptment are very good.
The cafeteria offers different types of food and also salads.
After school activities include soccer which is my favorite because it is my favorite sport.
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