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Ichabod Crane Elementary School Reviews

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The education available is not the issue. We offer many amazing classes. The teachers don't teach the way the classes should be taught. We are taught based upon a test at the end of a unit. Yes, tests are important, but I should be learning for my benefit, not just to pass an exam. I take classes because I like to learn. Knowledge builds a better person. The way some of our teachers do their job is not up to par. They do great, then get 10 year, and soon forget about inspiring as well as educating future generations.
The school nurse is useless. If you want to get out of going to class, go there and sleep the day away. If your hurt, she'll give you ice and send you along. The bathrooms are disgusting. We don't have enough drung sweeps. Teachers watch drug deals and couldn't care less. Drugs and the cleanliness of the school need to be revised.
There are many opportunities after school. They don't do or help with anything other than giving students something to put on college résumés.
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Parents expect too much sometimes. Those who don't expect too much, don't care.
Most teachers do their job and only that. They lack the extra caring and attention that some students need.
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