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The school failed to give a technology overview to my daughter as it applies to using the laptop the school provides. Recently an issue occurred and the computer would no longer connect to our wifi. I found that the issue was related to the windows firewall. Since the school IT has the computer locked down, there was nothing I could do. She took it to the school the next day. They gave here a new one to use, but failed to copy over her files. They also failed to backup the computer before wiping the hard drive. They told her she was supposed to store her file in OneDrive. However, that was never explained to her when she started school there. So now she has a computer but all of work is gone. The IT support failed in many ways. The school has also had issues over all with communications. This school was her first time there and will her last.
I love this school!! I switched for my junior and senior year of high school due to some health issues. The flexible schedule is amazing for me, and I am actually graduating a semester early. Even though it’s online I am still able to have a relationship with my teachers and have someone to guide me on my acidemic journey.
I enjoyed being able to do my school at home, while still having the option of going to see my teachers. My teachers were almost always available to help and responded to my requests for help as soon as possible.
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iCademy Global is an amazing place for motivated high school students. As an online school, we have amazing teachers, an amazing campus, and an amazing course selections. I, as a student, have many opportunities to get college credit through dual-enrollment. Also, through our live lessons, our teachers make sure that you understand the course work, we also have an amazing system for students to ask questions to teacher through an online discussion room. One for middle school students and high school students
As a self motivated student I love the ability to take my education into my own hands. I am even graduating early! I love the friednly and diverse people I encounter at my school. Haveing school online allows me to work during the day helping me save for college and beyond... well just college. I love the helpful teachers and guidance professionals that really care about me and my future. I truly feel prepared to enter college and the workforce.
I really enjoyed my time at icademy and would highly recommend it to others thinking of attending. The people there are great, the classes are fun, and they work with a busy schedule.
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