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I.C. Norcom High School Reviews

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I C Norcom is a wonderful school. The Almuni is really involved in many ways such as coming back and helping with the band or groups in school, coming to all the football games, evening working within the school. Being at I C Norcom for four years has shown me what a team is like.
I.C. Norcom is overall a decent school. It's not too bad for regular or default academic purposes, but it lacks in extracurricular activities and classes for students interested in STEM. Its cosmetology classes are good for those looking to go into that area.
My overall experience at I.C. Norcom is what I made it. I walked in determined to excel to the highest of my ability. Along the way, I was blessed to meet some awsome teachers, who seen my protenical and drive to go far in life. My experience is if you don't show up with the mind frame to give it all you have in yourself and more, you will get sucked up with people who don't want no more than out of life.
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My experience at I.C Norcom had been great. I've learned many things that my old high school couldn't teach me. The school spirit at I.C Norcom is like no other. The teachers at this school really work towards the students future. This Is a loving school. It is absolutely wonderful to be a greyhound.
The place is full of students, but most of them are not there for the right reasons. The teachers will definitely try to educate the students, but you'll almost always have an interruption in a class.
The school was pretty good I like how they showed school spirit and some of the activities were nice as well but overall the school was pretty good to me
I have been at Norcom for four years and I can truly say that I have enjoyed the teachers the administrators and the best school in the seven cities in Hampton Road. The teachers go out their way to provide your needs.
This school is great when it comes to school spirit! The staff are helpful and take their jobs seriously and they provide quality education.
I.C. Norcom has a strong historical background in the area that it was originated from. The teachers are pretty good however like any other high school you have some that care and some that do not. Safety is a pretty big issue this year because of the violence that has been happening lately. Also the food could be better but it is not that bad. We have a strong sports department as well as music department. Our band is what I.C. Norcom is known for the most.
I love I.C Norcom it is warm welcoming school that focus on academics and the school history. Norcom is known for it sports but it is more then that it has great school spirit and great students that enjoy going there.
I C. Norcom is a historically and predominately black high school. Despite its old age, the prestige of this school has been carried over 100 years. The alumni support EVERYTHING the school sponsors, the teachers try their best to give us an education that will prepare us for college, and the administration does everything in their power to allow us to have safe but fun learning environment. As an esteemed alum and past cheerleader, I can give a true testimony as to how strong our school spirit is! Our Versatile 100 Band, Platinum Pearls Cheerleaders, and Diamond Dance Team are part of our great history along with our Basketball, Football, and Track teams. They are all award-winning sports that people travel from all over to see. Not only do we have great sports programs, we also have great educational programs! Students can take college credit Dual Enrollment and AP classes as sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In the end, I. C. Norcom is the best high school for anybody to attend.
My experience was horrible my senior year with new admin!! They and the instructors are very unprofessional they cover up their mess and school board supports it
One of the best things about I.C. Norcom was the school spirit. Everybody was so intrigued by its history and wanted to live up to its full potential. The teachers are very supportive and prepare you for life after high school.
As a senior who has attended Norcom for all of my high school career, I have formed an undenying love for this school. The teachers, staff, student body are great and the student run clubs, the band, magnet programs and sports programs are excellent and filled with excitement. The school spirit in particular has made me bleed maroon and grey- the school colors. I. C. Norcom High School is the best school in the land!
I.C. Norcom has the best bands & the school spirit is always great! The staff and administration team is very involved and concerned about the well being. The food is average, but I heard it is getting better with time. This is the school where we play hard but work harder!
The school needs to be expanded. More up to date programs. The band needs new band equipment. The entire school needs a new change. More black history classes. Mr. Coffee needs to retire because he was the first teacher to tell a student she's unreachable because he refused to break down a math problem. The food sucks. Blame it on poor management and administration ran by the school.
Overall, I love the school pride and many of the teachers who helped me along the way. I will never forget about my experiences here.
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I.C. Norcom is a great high school. It has a rich and interesting back story and gives its students a reason to be proud. Norcom gives back to the community and makes students want to be the best version of themselves. Being an I.C. Norcom Greyhound is an amazing accomplishment and I'm proud to have graduated from this wonderful school.
What I love about I. C. Norcom high school is how dedicated the teachers and staff are in guiding the students to earn an education and help them to choose the right path that will lead them to success. One other thing I love about the school is its' sprit and unit. The students learn to work together in a modern environment which shows them great communication and social skills.
Going to a majority African American schools had its ups and downs. Other schools and teachers often looked down on us because of the reputation the school has. And I often felt like even some of the teachers in the school looked down upon many of the students. Just like any school there arekids who acted out, this caused many teachers to give more attention to the "bad" kids then to the students who were actually focused on their education. I also felt like many of the teachers didn't challenge the students, we learned the bare minimum to pass the SOL. Although there were many things I didn't like about this school, there were also many things I loved. School Spirit being one. Football games and Basketball games are always large event that many alumni come to. I also met some amazing people at I.C. Norcom including friends and teachers. Although I didn't always like many things there, I will always be a greyhound.
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