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I loved IC because when I came from my grade school/ middle school it was a very welcoming environment and easy transition. The teachers were always there when needed and so were my friends and coaches. IC i definitely a family environment because everyone’s has had their ups and downs with IC but we always get through them. I know I have people to talk to when needed.
My currently have a Senior and a Freshman starting fall of 2018. This school has been a "God-sent" to both of my girls. My older daughter knew from her 1st shadow day that this was the school she wanted to attend. They have opened her eyes to new experiences, new friends and a caring community of teachers and staff. I can't wait for my younger daughter to share in these experiences and create a journey of self-discovery of what IC Catholic Prep will offer her while she is there. This school is awesome and the staff are so supportive for the students. Being that my daughters are student athletes, I love that they focus on academics 1st and the sport 2nd.
It is a wonderful smaller, character building high school where everyone knows your name, you are nurtured/encouraged to participate, engage and be the Best that you can Be! You can explore and learn where your talents and interests lie, develop and grow your skills to have a successful college experience and then career. Once a Knight....Always a Knight theme encourages a family atmosphere that lasts a lifetime! (Need to relinquish the Bigger is better philosophy. ICCP is smaller yet the fit can be just Right!)
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Ever since I came to IC, I have continued to challenge myself academically and athletically. I believe the experience I have gained from IC has prepared me for college. We are such a community, and it is apparent with football games or assemblies. I'm extremely proud of the person I have become and IC has definitely been a part of this.
It’s a pretty good school overall. A little on the small side with only 300-400 students but I like the individual attention.
I could not have asked for a better educational experience than the one I received at IC Catholic Prep. Not only did I prepare myself for college, but I also learned about christian values and service to my community. The teachers at IC Catholic Prep are great, and they truly care about our success. It is more than just a school to me. It is a place where I call home. I would not change a thing at this school. Everybody knows your name at IC Catholic Prep.
Students at IC Catholic Prep are not just a number! The faculty and staff truly connect with students and participate fully in their learning experience.
I liked the people who work there, who go to school there and who send their children there. I was very happy my children were well prepared for college.
We could not have asked for a better educational experience for our boys than the one they receive at IC Catholic Prep. The students are challenged with the best curriculum and are fully prepared for college and beyond. At IC Catholic Prep students develop their Catholic identity by living and learning in a Christ-centered environment every day, and they develop leadership skills through athletics and a wide range of other extracurricular activities. Being part of the ICCP school family has been a great experience for us. The teachers and administrators care about the success of each and every student. Everybody knows your name at IC Catholic Prep.
ICCP is the best small private school in dupage county. The school has incredible history and its tradition can be intoxicating. The teachers push you academically and morally, as i do not recall any teachers not lending their hand if you came to them looking for help in school or in life. The only thing i was not crazy about was that it was not very diverse. Coming from a very diverse town, it was kind of a culture shock. However it does not take away from the fact that this school is great and it should be your first option when looking at private/catholic schools in dupage.
Outstanding school with a welcoming family atmosphere. Everyone from the teachers, coaches, parents, staff and administration truly care about seeing the kids succeed. They offer a great learning environment with rigorous class offerings. The academics and athletics are really second to none! You won't find a better private school in such a beautiful, safe and caring community! #KNIGHTPRIDE
Could not have asked for a better environment in a high school. IC Catholic Prep allowed me to thrive as a student, athlete, musician, and overall better person.
My experience with ICCP has been great. It taught how to be an independent thinker and the teachers are always willing to help. Students work hard and excel academically and spiritually. Everyone is dedicated whether it is with sports, in the classroom, or in the community.
IC is a smaller higher school which is really great because you know everyone and there is always a teacher available to help you with homework or studying. Everyone is very friendly and approachable. I really thought the grading scale really pushing students to work harder to prepare us for college.
I am a junior at IC Catholic Prep, and I love this school! When I am a senior next year, I will be really sad to leave, because this school is more than a school. IC holds around 350 - 400 students, and because of the small size, IC is a second home. The student body is friendly, the teachers and staff are great, and there are many opportunities that I may never have received if I did not attend IC. There's an array of sports, clubs, and activities that one can participate in and develop his or her personality. Also, as a Catholic school, having that private education is a benefit that many do not receive. I have grown in my religious beliefs and grown as an individual overall. To summarize, I chose the perfect high school for me.
OUTSTANDING education! Based upon strong success in the college admissions process, I'd venture to guess that ICCP stands up against the top rated private schools with admissions to top tier universities. More importantly, this school allows your student to BE INVOLVED with their school, community, and encourages participation. Your child definitely is not a number at IC. Someone said, it was worth every penny of tuition they paid, and I agree!
Staff has a very watchful eye on the students. The school is located in uptown Elmhurst in a extremely safe neighborhood which us,walking distance to the Metra train.
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Students are VERY VERY VERY involved. Staff encourages participation. Students do not fall through the cracks.
My daughter had made incredible friends and has been challenged academically. On a,scale of 1 to 10, IC CATHOLIC us a 10. WORTH EVERY PENNY OF TUITION!
We are so impressed with the caliber of the teaching staff at IC Catholic prep. Many of my daughters friends who graduated in 2016 have been accepted at some of the most prestigious schools in the country including Northwestern, Boston College, Georgia Tech, University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, Boston College, University of Illinois and many others. This is a small school where the teaching staff knows your name and your child is not a number. Most of my daughters friends are three sport athletes and very involved in service and other extracurricular activities. When it comes to the much-needed teacher recommendations for college, these are teachers who actually know your student personally. Everybody I know who attends IC Catholic prep has had no issues in securing great teacher recommendations because the students are involved in the teaching staff knows them very well.