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I have attended Iberia from 8th - 12th grade. I have been a member in band, varsity soccer, varsity track, and varsity cheer leading. I have had an overall good experience at this school. Although I wish it provided more art & design programs.
Despite my school's flaws, it has made me into the young woman that I am today and I would not change anything about it. I have learned to express my opinion more because my school is so small in population. I also get more hands-on teaching in most of my classes because there are only ten or twelve students in my classes.
I believe that my school has great potential to become an awesome school. If some of the teachers were replaced by more understanding people, I think students would be more likely to try to compromise with the teachers and actually come to school on test days.
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You really get a chance to be social. With it being a smaller school each person is your friend and someone you know. Not just know their name but know who they truly are. No one is left behind. I would go here again for the simple fact of the trustworthy people and strong relationships and bonds I have made since kindergarten.
All of my high school and even grade school teachers have always been supportive. They were there no matter what time of day or no matter what was going on in their personal lives. Failure is not an option. Also, they are supportive in all your extracurricular activities. They are super knowledgeable and take time to make sure every student is learning. They love to hear about our days and what is going on in each and every students lives. The grading couldn't be more fair. You give your best and you get the grade you deserve!
Some clubs we have is Future teachers of America, Future career community leaders of America, band, art, drama, FCS, National honors society, trend, stand, and nurse's aid. The most popular is NHS, Stand, FTA and FCCLA. We have a lot of teachers that would love to do it.
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