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I'd like to see more academic opportunities, better time management by the teachers, and better hygiene but in general it's a great school.
Horrible academics and unprofessionalism between staff. The administration changes every year for the worse. School is too small and unsafe.Receive threats etc. while students still at school. Would not recommend to anyone
I have been at this school for a long time. The teachers are amazing and dedicated. The dual credit program is great. I wish there was more stability when it came to the board and administration. The school definitely needs more resources, especially when it comes to college readiness
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Overall the school cares about the well being of its students.
There aren't too many things to chose from, yet they are great though.
Teachers were always approachable and nice.
The school is cozy and feels like home!
The school is very safe and there are guards to ensure this.
There could be more activities available after school but the ones that are running are not bad.
This school was a wonderful opportunity for me and I am grateful to have attended it.
Most teachers are good at what they do and are knowledgable in their fields. Extra help is readily available outside of class.
The security and health policies at IQA are good but could do with some improvement. The campus is a secure place with a security guard stationed at all times; however, the health situation could use some help. Although IQA students all get their required shots and vaccinations, the school does not do it for them. The school is also equip to deal with minor injuries but not the major ones because there is no official nurse. The status of bulling and personal safety in the school is well met, for the most part everyone is friendly and if ever a case of bulling arises it is immediately dealt with in a professional manner by the behavioral counselor. Aside from the counselor, the teachers are always willing to help students with school, or even personal, problems.
The teachers are what really hold together this school; they are both professional and yet also approachable. Over the past couple of years the teachers at IQA have become my family ad even though I am graduating next year I know that I can always come back to them if I ever need help with anything. The teaching quality is great and the discipline policy is always followed through. The teachers at IQA are well respected by the students and are well-equipped to deal with unexpected situations. Some teachers may be tough with their schoolwork but are always willing to stay back and help a student be it through extra credit or tutoring in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to excel.
The extracurricular activities are excellent, each club strives to do the best in their respected areas of activity. The yearbook club, for example, is the oldest of the clubs at IANT Quranic Academy and has recently won an award for outstanding Cover and Senior Section from Balfour, one of the top yearbook companies. The yearbook club has also won a few journalism awards for photography and continues to be hardworking and committed to skillfully capturing the memories of the school year. Along with Yearbook, there are various new clubs and organizations that have been established such as National Honors Society, which in its short history has already done volunteer work like hospital visits and feeding the homeless. Clubs like the Art Club, the Conservation Club, and the Coding Club are also available at IQA and are improving each year.
I honestly love attending this school, it is like a second home to me and the teachers are like second parents. The environment is always inviting and optimistic yet it still relays the feel a professional learning facility.
The relationship between the students and teachers are phenomenal. I don' think I could find a place as close-knit as IQA. I have been taught so many things, life skills and talents, that I would learn all over again. My experience has been a phenomenal one due to the many contests and opportunity I have been given to make myself unique and shine, representing the school in the best light.
The resources and facilities available to the school are sufficient for everyday needs, but they can definitely be improved.
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The students that have graduated from my school our doing great things. A lot of them are attending top tier schoosl in California, Texas, and Washington. Some of them have started their own businesses and practices as well. (Mind you, we have now around 40 alumni)
Being a private school, the facilities were incredibly limited, but we always managed to get adequate exercise in our physical education classes
I attended my school from sixth grade all the way to graduation, and through out that time, I was a witness to never ending changes in the school policy. For example, every year it seemed that the dress code became more and more relaxed. At the same time, the policies were becoming more and more nit picky and strict about certain issues, such as hairstyles, wearing of jewelry, and such. Attendance became more of a paramount issue as the school was beginning to grow, which was a good thing. Behaviors such as bullying, drug use, etc were always addressed and never seemed to be a problem for the school or students
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