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Computer labs are difficult to access, as is the library. If you don't have a study hall or your period is never selected, you will have to resort to coming before or after school (that is, if they even let you in and if someone is there). The buses are decrepit, they have even broken down in the middle of the road before with students inside (and no, they weren't allowed to leave, they had to stay in there for half an hour until another bus arrived to take them just up the street to their stop).
Many teachers have bad attitudes to the students, sometimes even breaking out into angry hollering or physical punishment. Some teachers have horrid teaching methods, causing students to fall behind. The teachers clearly do not care for the students as individuals or as people. There are some good teachers there, but they are few.
The food used to be excellent until they switched to a cardboard-tasting diet. The meals are free, though. The lunch period situation is odd, though, with the boys and girls completely separated and each only having half of the period to eat/play.
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The students are incredibly unaccepting and cliquey, if you are slightly different then you will instantly become a target of insults, harassment, etc. The student body is horribly hive-minded and vicious. Physical fights happen almost bi-weekly, and the students are widely known to be cruel.
The staff do absolutely nothing to aid bullying victims, even going as far as to verbally abuse students. From teachers who suddenly yell insults in class to teachers that impose physical punishments, the teachers and staff are not understanding at all. The counselors and vice principals are horrid as well, ignoring the problems or simply brushing them aside.
I wish I had known what the school was like before attending; I would have been homeschooled if I had. Bullying is a horrendous problem, the staff do not care one bit about the students, the school is very strict about dress codes, the teachers are often verbally abusive. I would never recommend anyone go to this school.
Horrific bullying problems with staff members doing nothing to remedy the situation. Many physical fights break out in school. The bathrooms are incredibly hard to access, with the teachers stating that you are to use them in the short break between classes.
Almost all of the teachers are rude to the students. It is obvious they do not care for them. The curriculum is very narrow- you do the course classes only. Some teachers have poor teaching methods, so it can be easy to fall behind or not understand the material.
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