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There is a reading club, but most clubs are extra-curricular and require additional costs or funding.
They have safety measures I place like badged doors and security cameras at the entry of the school office. They have a health nurse. There are no on campus police.
The building is older but is maintained properly. There is a computer lab, a gym, and the school recently added on a stage for performances. There is a school counselor and busing to the school. The school is rather far away from the large populous of children.
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The teachers are good quality teachers. But they are restricted to pre designed teaching methods. They seem average with the interests of their students. I don't see any of them going above and beyond as teachers. The children they teach mostly have parents with college education.
Its a safe school, with teachers who care. One down side is like most schools they teach to get great state/national scores. I wish they focused on kids individually.
The staff has a new principle. There was a more than 50% turn over of staff the year after the new principle started. The student morale seemed to be lower after the new staff was put in place.
The school is older but well maintained. The school has a computer lab, a gym, and recently added a stage for performances. There was a large parent involvement, but has a much lower parent involvement now, I feel this was due to both parents needing to work. The school has busing, but the school is relatively far from the most populous neighborhood.
I didn't feel there were a lot of extra-curricular clubs unless you wanted to pay additional money for after school activities.
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