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Hydro-Eakly High School Reviews

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I enjoyed the small-town feel of this school. It seemed like a small family. The downside to this is that we were not involved with "the outside rule." We seemed to be secluded from bigger cities in which kept us from being completely college ready. I wish the academics were more challenging to prepare me for my future education.
I enjoyed my time as a student of Hydro-Eakly. Opportunities to get college scholarships for baseball and basketball were available to me because of the school. I am grateful for the academic and athletic experiences I had at Hydro. This is a great school that is focused on what is best for the students.
I have gone to Hydro-Eakly High School all of my life and I truly love it here. All of the teachers really care about you, everyone is super nice, and even my friends that moved here from other schools have said this is the best school they have ever gone to.
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I wouldnt want to go anywhere else for highschool
food is gross, processed, comes out of a package most of the time. all around gross and everybody will agree with this statement. Combo bars are amazing though.
not too harsh, but harsh enough
brand new, state-of-the-art facilities, amazing amazing amazing. Need a track for track/cross country runners
Teachers are top quailty, very great teaching skills, but some are hard headed with others ideas
Good selection, but not quite something for everybody.
Our school is in a very safe community. It is very close.
They are great teachers that are very knowlegable and then there are some that are just ok. A few of the teachers work very hard to encourage students to be the best that he or she can be. They find new ways to draw student interest in subjects that may be bland or just very un-interesting.
Hydro Eakly is a good school. They are striving to be up with today's changing technology and to help give the students a fair chance to obtain the best education available to them. They are great when it comes to encouraging students to work hard and make good grades. The school counselor is wonderful and goes the extra mile to help each student as they need help.
The school has great school spirit. They are very supportive of their athletes and help to give the desire to strive to be the best Hydro Eakly can be. When I was a participating in athletics, the fans were great to have in the background.
Everyone fits in together and will not talk bad about anyone.
They serve healthy food and it is enjoyable for students.
There are honorary academic clubs.
It is on top of the rules and enforces them.
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It has more advanced classes then any other school near the town of Hydro.
It is a good small school and great for sports and academics.
We don't have a good variety of sports at school.
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