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If there were 0 stars this school would get it there frauds and don’t do anything all the flc’s and disco meetings are pointing out issue with solving or help with solutions or they create more problems for you. They shun kids from society and make kids to child labor for over 6 hours. All I think they did was make my daughter way more sneaky. They call the shunning from society “therapeutic” and the teachers judge kids based off of the stuff they’ve done this school is a fraud and if I could shut it down I’d do it in a snap.
I graduated Hyde on 2018. I have been at Hyde since my sophomore year. The nurses are very impolite. Certain faculties are very catty and gossipy. Acadmics are the least important matter at Hyde. Hyde is more about developing one’s character and such. One thing they don’t tell you when you come for a tour is that there are work crew and job. They place sports teams/ discovery groups to do jobs, which is basically cleaning after dinning hall, washing dishes, and washing pots and pans. Work crew is a system for students who did not follow school’s rules. Students in work crew clean school and do homework in dinning hall. They are banned from participating in sports practice and having free time. These seem unreasonable but at the same time it is to give second chance for students who disobey the rules. Many students who graduate from this school have mixed feelings about the school.
Hyde is a terrible school. If you kid is not a crackhead then I would not make them go here. It’s filled with kids who are tapped in the head and have no idea socially, what’s going on. I would not send your kid here unless you want to torture them. The teachers here suck and same with the kids. Overall it’s hell.
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My experience at Hyde was great. The family program is very helpful. It helped me develop a deeper relationship with my parents and other family members. As a senior you partake in senior evaluations. I gained a closer relationship with my peers. As well as better understood me and how to be apart of the greater community. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
Hyde School is a high school like no other. Hyde school is emotionally demanding. Character education is one of the largest elements of the Hyde philosophy, and is practiced every day in student life. Upon leaving Hyde you wonder how some of the things you've been through or learned will help you later in life. Less than a year later I can say that Hyde has shaped the independent and driven college student that I have become. These traits have been earned not through rigorous academics, but through the experiences I had at Hyde working with and challenging my peers, advocating for myself, creating lifelong connections with students as well as faculty, and so much more. Hyde students have a connection with each other that is unlike any other, whether or not you were at Hyde at the same time, or whether or not you enjoyed your Hyde experience, there is a shared experience unlike any other that Hyde Alumni/former Hyde students share.
I graduated from Hyde in 2016 after spending my senior year there. I love the focus on character development and how the school incorporates families as a major part of the student's lives. Family weekend is a center of growth and development in one's deepest and important relationships of all, parents. I got to be challenged in a safe environment and grow as a person there. One thing that Hyde could change would be to offer more AP classes. I transferred from a school that had 16 AP options and it was a shame to not be challenged in the same way academically and having the option to take as many classes as I hoped to.
A stupid school that doesn't care students at all. The college office here is especially terrible. The counselor here did nothing to help their students attending their dream school. Instead, they stop their students from taking standard tests. The discrimination here is so obvious that many international students here are being treated unequally; they only try to earn money from internationals. AKA,Some faculty here have the history of bullying people back in high school. If you are a responsible parent, plz do not let your children attend this school. This is my sincere tip.
Hyde School has weak academics but a good overall vision. The character-based education that this school aims to provide sets it apart from any other high school. By requiring students to participate in year-long athletics and performing arts, they encourage kids to step out of their comfort zone and become well-rounded young adults.
With a focus on leadership, I am challenged by peers and faculty alike. Hyde encourages students to take the lead and to cultivate partnerships that will lead to success. The school encourages students to become independent from their parents, and encourages parents to not 'coddle' their children. My first year was difficult for that reason. I had to do things I never had to before (wash dishes, make my bed, take care of myself, public speaking) without the physical presence of my parents. Hyde encourages students to enroll for more than one year because of students like me that take more time acclimating. The next year I thrived because I had that first year under my belt. When people ask me about Hyde, whether I like it and would do it over again, I tell them yes and no. Hyde has changed me for the better. It isn't always pleasant and is certainly not easy, but it truly has given me skills that my peers at other schools do not have. The school has shown they care about me and my family and has always been communicative. The only reason I say no is because the journey was not easy. It took hard work -- and a few tantrums -- to get to where I am now. Hyde pushes you to be 'the best possible you.'
Most are genuine and helpful
The nurses are nice, but if you're sick you pretty much just go to your room and rest. Lots of people fake sick, so the nurses can be hesitant to believe that you're actually ill.
I actually don't know if there are any clubs here. There isn't really any time for them.
In my opinion, the teachers at Hyde are amazing. A lot of them have just recently graduated college, so they are easy to relate to. The majority are kind, approachable, and have a happy-to-do-it attitude. They are also students' dorm parents, coaches, and mentors, which allows for unique relationships to be formed.
Teachers care a lot about students, but teachers are also very catty and this often makes students uncomfortable. Teachers who have been here a while are very knowledgeable, and those who have not have newer teaching styles that are effective and fun.
The staff and administration are committed to the students, without a doubt. Some rules seem arbitrary but overall, the ethos is developing people who have a conscience and are accountable for their choices.
The interview was challenging and demanding, requiring an honest self-assessment of where the student stood in terms of academics and character. Overall it was an extremely positive experience in that it set a realistic baseline for the student and set realistic yet ambitious goals for both grades and character development.
Very committed faculty but the most effective are the ones with the most experience.
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It was the best choice we could have made for our child.
Facilities are adequate. The school's facilities do not set it apart, but rather its focus on character development.
Sports, performing, and character development are the chief extracurriculars and seem to be very effective in developing the whole child.
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