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Hyde Park High School is a great school in Austin, Texas. The school has great teachers that care about the students. I enjoyed by 4 years there and was happy they gave us the opportunity to start an Ultimate Frisbee Team.
Hyde Park is more than just a school, but a community. Teachers and administration want to see students thrive and do everything in their power to make that happen. My only concern is the limited diversity of thought, as many have the same background and beliefs. Hyde Park does work to provide an open and supportive environment.
I really enjoy Hyde Park, its a very wholesome school with well rounded kids. The teachers are welly chosen and really care about the students success.
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Hyde Park is a place full of snakes and liars. Most of the faculty were borderline incompetent and administration is inflexible. They emphasize the idea of regression to the mean/average and discourage inspired performance. If you don't fit the prototype of a slim attractive christian girl with money (but not necessarily brains) you are unlikely to succeed.
Hyde Park is a great place! The high school has a perfect number of students, and the teachers love and invest time in their students. GoWeek is my favorite part of the Hyde Park Community now; all students have the opportunity to serve others all over the world for example in Austin, Nicaragua, or Uganda. Most students work hard, but also have a life outside of school. Almost every student is involved in some sort of extracurricular activity, usually sports.
Administration allows children of wealthy families to drink, bully others, and get away with behavior that can only be described as un-Christian. Academic rigor is seriously lacking. Social climate is like "Heathers" or "Mean Girls".
Hyde Park has been an amazing community to grow up in. I have met so many amazing people. This school has also helped many students get into competitive colleges. The only thing that I didn't love about Hyde Park was that I didn't feel extremely pushed throughout high school which I feel puts me at a disadvantage going into college.
I loved Hyde park. This school has prepared me more for college work than any other school has. I have become very involved within the community by doing various activities like community service projects, becoming the captain in numerous sports, etc.
Hyde Park has been such an amazing expierence! I have enjoyed being involved in sports such as soccer and ultimate! Hyde Park has been a great place for me to find great friends and a great education. The teachers have all been very relational and amazing! Hyde Park is amazing all around.
We are zoned for Vandegrift, which is a great school with much to offer, but my husband & I grew up in a smaller school environment. After much research we chose HP as it embraces a balanced student who can excel in academics, fine arts, athletics and other extracurricular programs. Balance is the key difference. Our 9th grade daughter loves HP, as do we and for moving to a school knowing no one, it has been an easy transition. She is maintaining a 4.0, playing sports throughout the year, family dinners together and in bed by 10, and she's happy! HP is surrounded by wonderful teachers, kids, administrators and families. This is a Christ- centered community and the energy at the school is amazing.
Not every public school is perfect for every child, and not every private school will meet the needs of every student. Hyde Park Schools, however, has the best of the best working to make sure every child is loved and educated. When students, parents, teachers and administrators work together, it doesn't get any better than Hyde Park.
Having worked at Hyde Park High School going on 8 years, I have witnessed the changes made over the last couple years and I can truly say this is the BEST private school in Austin. This school is an incredible place for anyone interested in private education for their children or someone interested in teaching or coaching. The leadership from the top down is consistent and supportive of all faculty. Hyde Park is a school where their focus is on student's learning and serving all students, including students with learning differences. Hyde Park is a place where your student will grow within their spiritual, personal and social areas through Christian principles. The community at Hyde Park is so unique to any other campus I have been a part of. I love Hyde Park, I love what I do, I love the people I get to work with on a daily basis and I love the student's that continue to impact my life. God's presence is undeniable evident at Hyde Park on a daily basis.
I have worked for Hyde Park High School for 20 years, and both of my sons graduated from there. I feel that it is a first-rate, high quality high school and was very satisfied with my sons’ education. The reason that we choose the school in the first place was that it was a Christian school that offered a variety of excellent courses and extra-curricular activities. Both sons went on to UT-Austin, where they had very successful freshman years. After my children had been at Hyde Park for a year, I realized my life would be less complicated if I worked at the same place where my children went to school and applied there. I feel that the school does an excellent job of servicing its students. Academic standards are kept high, but when a student struggles, the administration puts plans into effect to help them. The current superintendent and high school administration are the best that I have worked under.
I have been an educator for 32 years. I am currently an employee of HYDE PARK HIGH SCHOOL and I am in love with this place. I worked as a teacher, coach and assistant principal in large public high schools in the state of Texas and have now moved on to this private school. Hyde Park is unique in that it educates the whole child, has high academic standards, and has a mission beyond just teaching knowledge and skills. It is a mission to bring Christ to students, the community, and the larger world. It is showing love and care for all students. When we fall short, there is a culture of honesty and continuous improvement to address them. No school is perfect, but in my experience HYDE PARK has been like “school heaven” for me. Imagine a place where there is a real chance to try new things, discipline problems are few and handled with firmness, prayer and love, and there is a real emphasis on improving student outcomes through high expectations.
My students emerged from this school college ready and ethically grounded. The smaller environment allowed them to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities and gave them the academic support they needed to succeed. The curriculum was rigorous without demanding so much time that they were not able to enjoy their high school years. This place really does focus on the whole child!
Hyde Park is a great, Christian school in Austin which has served all 3 of our kids for varying reasons. From a tough AP curriculum to a smaller, nurturing, blended experience, this school has provided exactly what we needed. Kids can participate in a variety of activities and manage school at the same time. The school is focused on Christ and developing a sincere and grounded faith in our kids. Things like Day of Service and GO week set Hyde Park apart. Hyde Park is a great school - not perfect - and our kids are receiving a top-notch education, a well-rounded experience and know the love of Christ. Can't ask for much more!
The last nurse was absolutely awful. They're trying to make better policies, but it's a slow process.
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It's really easy to start your own club at the high school. I think we had a ukelele club at one point. Club sponsors also make a decent effort at making it possible for people to be in multiple clubs.
As someone who's been in this school system for a long time, I can attest to the downward spiral that's taken place here. My experience went from a 10 at the lower campus, to 3 at the high school. Things have really taken a bad turn, largely because of the people allowed to take charge in recent years.
There are a select few teachers at the high school that really put their all into their job. Other than those people, most of the teachers are young and inexperienced, making it hard for them to really do their work well. The lower campus is a different world. The teachers there are incredible.
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