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I would like to see the cleansing of the bathroom to be better and how the administration speaks and handles situations
My experience at hydepark is poor because of the staff and students and how the rules are unnecessary. Most of staff don't know how to deal with students and situations that has anything to do with students,which is why I rated my school poor. I also rated my school poor because of the lack of help that most of the staff should provide for students,For example, If a student had an item stolen from He/She the results are always "the cameras are off", "Well you're stuff is gone",etc basically no help at all when help is needed.
I liked many things about Hyde park , one was the teachers they worked hard to get us to where we want and need to be , the school system was great and the activities we also had at the school. One thing I believe that should change was the rules most of them really didn’t make any sense at the time .
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What I like about Hyde Park Academy is it’s a very good school. I’m well familiar with the school my deceased uncle graduated from here, and it’s easy it could be some challenges but it’s not challenges that I can’t do or can’t handle. Hyde Park is assit me in many wayang that I need to be assisted. I believe that Hyde Park changed me because now I am more motivated to do my work. I came from a noble school called Butler College Prep even though that was more challenging than Hyde Park, Butler also taught me a lot and I came to Hyde Park with the knowledge that I got from Butler. Hyde Park is a CPS school but it could challenge you.
I have been here all four years of high school , they help me with everything that I need help with , my freshman year was a little rocky because i never finished my school work .
i like their rotc program and the safety around the school i became an captian in rotc won 2 color guard trophies 1 individual rifle medal and i also join after school matters good payment for young youths
I liked most of my teachers in Hyde park academy. they were for the most part helpful with a few exceptions. I would like to see the school as whole become more organized and caring with students as individuals instead of a grouping people together and addressing groups as one person.
I liked the freedom of the school. I would change that a lot of the time if the teacher is absent we do no work. Also in half of my classes we don’t do anything but get on our phones
Hyde Park is an extremely large school ranging from 600-800 students. It is the most oldest and known high schools in the Chicago district. In order to feel the worthiness and activeness during enrolling at this school; you have to work hard. Whether it's long study hours or achieving the highest grades you can manage in a short time. Hyde Park is not for that faint, you must be willing to endure "out of the box" situations in order to gain success.
My high school experience was very friendly wand warming. All the students were nice and outgoing and the teachers contributed the warm feeling as well. Togther we all grow and the more strides we made the more everyone stepped into help celebrate more. We were like a big family constantly helping to push the other forward.
I Love How Alot Of the teachers are more than willing to help out students whenever they need it. I like how interactive the students with other students and the staff. What Hyde park could work better at is letting students have a voice on stuff they'd like to learn about and what classes and extracurricular activities should be offered.
This is my first year at Hyde Park being a Junior and I am looking forward to becoming a senior c/o 2k18 at Hyde Park
when i was going to Hyde Park i enjoyed ,y self it was a fun experience . the teachers were great , the staff and student were kind and able to help at all times.
My overall experience at Hyde Park Academy was overall okay. I transferred in my Junior year, there isn't much diversity in the student population. In my opinion there aren't many useful resources. The teachers tried everything in their power to prep for college readiness and I think the English teachers did an excellent job, they properly prepared us for getting use to doing an excessive amount of papers, which is what I now do in college.
It's an okay school, love to help get students towards college readiness. It's an IB school, so it's very challenging. Courses can be really hard at times, but teaches you to be tough on yourself, to get the job done in the end. Attending this school helps in the long run.
Things that I like about Hyde Park Academy are the students and the kind staff. I like the education system and the activities that they provide. Things that I think they should approve in Hyde Park are the food services.
My experience in Hyde Park Academy is good. They help me a lot with my English and my writing. My English 3 teacher help me read and always give me hope that I will do anything by trying. My counselor also help me a lot and if I need anything I can go see her and she help me. I don't want anything to change in Hyde park, I want everything and everyone to stay the same and we are always welcome to Hyde park
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A few of the things that i did enjoy about Hyde Park Academy is that the teachers do care about their students' future and there are some good forms of support for students also
This school is very loud, but what would you expect from a public school. I went there to visit a friend of mine and she was playing volleyball. A fight almost broke out and police officers were there. The kids are very loud and disrespectful. The teachers does not seem to care about their learning because I was under the impression they place you in a lower level class and then they'll upgrade you as you progress. Not even looking at your transcripts
The school is nice, the work is hard but in the end its all worth it. Being in the IBDP was especially hard but the teachers try their best to help their students succeed in class, test, and life. Hyde Park is a good school.
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