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Hyde Leadership Charter School Reviews

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I feel very safe in my school and I am not afraid to come to school.
We do have afterschool programs but they can get better. We may have somewhat variety but like I said it can get better.
The school helps build us as individuals and helps us become better people. Our schoool culture is unique and makes our high school process unique. We have seminars to not only help us but the other people in our school's community. I would chose to go to this school again and even bring my childre. I feel safe and welcomed and that is really important to me.
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The teachers here really care about us and want us to strrive for bigger and better. They are resourceful and always prove to be available to help improve our grades and charaters. The teacher take feedback and apply it. They make school a lot less difficult.
Overall experience at this school was great. The teachers and staff member push students to do better than just the bare minimum. They want students to strive and do better so every student can have an opportunity to go to college. They don't give up on you and would push you to your best.
I love how my school offer these family/student retreats in Woodstock, New York. It's a great way to get away from the city and get close to nature with your friends and teachers.
I appreciate my school providing healthy, organic foods for lunch. However, there is not enough options to choose from the Red Rabbit food company.
The teachers that are provided at my school really care for their student's effort in their work as well as their academic grades.
We are in need of new modeled laptops because the students often waste their class time finding a laptop that powers on or even works.
The clubs offered are okay but there not enough varieties of clubs offered.
The team performance are great for each sports team, the sports equipment are provided for each sports team.
This school has a panoply of teachers present. Each teacher has his/her own personality and teaching style that can fit among most students in this school.
There are many cliques present in my school, however we get along relatively well.
The academics offered are enough to allow students graduate with an Advanced Regents Diploma. However there needs to be more Honors/AP courses offered in this school.
I honestly feel safe in my school only because it's a very small populated school and everyone in it knows each other at some level.
The athletics are not excellent. However, the basketball and baseball teams are great and most popular.
The teachers at my school genuinely care about the students academic and personal

well being
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I feel welcomed, academically supported and safe in my school
There is not a variety of programs to choose from.
The quality of the building is great.
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