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Hyde Leadership Charter School has honestly been a life-changing experience for me. The small size of the school has its many pros and cons. For one, there is definitely a tight-knit community in Hyde. Students love to hang out with their teachers and talk to them during office hours or even during their lunch period. The opportunities are also abundant since it is a small school so it is easy to hear about these opportunities. In addition, the school facility is very clean compared to other schools in the South Bronx. It is a school that many students begin to appreciate over their four years there. I love being apart of the Hyde community and hope to come back to help my school succeed even more.
I've been here since the fifth grade and I've had the best time. The academics are great and the teachers help and care for the students, unlike most schools. They take time out of their schedule to stay after school for any kid even if it is just one child. The food could be better, but the overall environment is airy and mutual.
I really dislike this school. The students are terrible. Teaching methods are terrible. My grades are terrible. I’m very lonely. I get bullied for my skin. But some people are pretty nice to me. The lunch is unrealistic. So please, do yourself a favor, and DONT come here. Plus it’s very hood and almost every child here (YES!!! including ELEMENTARY children) curse. So watch out and right now I’m in 8th grade and I hate this school and it’s a lot of work.
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Hyde Leadership Charter school is an extremely supportive and pro cultured school. Hyde Leadership is located in one of the poorest boroughs in New York City, but that has never stopped the school from taking into account every individual student's journey through life. For 12 years, this school successfully makes every accommodation within their jurisdiction, to make sure that every student is in the right place to pursue their education and prepare for their future. Hyde Leadership represents the impoverished children of color within my community, our school's culture is the pedestal for our voices to be heard in higher class societies. I would like to see my school spread their culture on an international level.
Hyde has really supportive teachers and a lot of resources to ensure that students are successful. Students are constantly pushed to be at their best in school and outside of school.
My overall experience at Hyde Leadership Charter School was a good one. I genuinly had help and support from the staff members when it came to applying to colleges and much more. I attended this school for 6 years and I would say that this school helped shape myself and other students.
Hyde Leadership Charter School’s mission is to develop the deeper character and unique potential of each student. I feel like it dose a great job doing that. Using the Hyde process of Family-Based Character Education.Hyde unites students, families, and teachers in helping each child achieve his or her best. They make sure that ever student can have a great future. I love how we are a community and we look out for each other and help each other. Hyde Leadership Charter school is an amazing school.
My experience at Hyde Leadership Charter School was enjoyable for the most part. I enjoyed going to school in the morning, greeting my teachers and administrators. I really enjoyed the leadership and community service opportunities provided to me through Hyde. This helped grow my leadership skills and made me a more outgoing student and person, willing to address injustices I encounter.
i have been in Hyde for 10 years and i think that Hyde has gotten worse but i think that it still hold it character but the food need to improve and there should be more sports introduce and languages to expose the student into new opportunities.
I think Hyde is a very good school compared to the other schools in this area. The teachers are very helpful to the students and stay after school and during lunch to make sure they are doing well. The college office is very well organized and supportive and they make sure that we all go to college even if we don't know exactly what we want. They start college prep in junior year and everyone does it together so everyone goes to college together. The school is also very focused on character and students being good people and having the values like integrity, humility, leadership, curiousity and courage.
I like how the school is oriented about building character and bonding families. It is a school that always challenges its students to be at their best and never give up. They have retreats where students and their families go to have fun and reflect on any issues they have and build a better relationship. I can't think of anything that I would like to be changed. The school is good overall I don't see any issues.
Not good school. Terrible principalcelia sosa. I didn't learn anything. Waste of my time. It was unfair how they punish students and the teachers are blamed for the mistakes of others
Great teachers. Safe environment. Children are willing to learn. They help with the College process and help find ways to assist you.
My school believes in their student to have integrity every single day when they come to the building. That's why we don't have metal detectors or armed securities.
In my school there are many extracurricular opportunities for all their students, from dance club to many community service opportunities.
My school may be difficult, but it is becuase they believed in the unique potential of all their students.
The teachers in my school are all very outgoing and helpful when help is needed. They also are the tye of people that you could relate to.
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The teachers in my school are very well educated and very helpful, but sometimes getting information across to students is a bit confusing.
At Hyde, one of the things the school is known for is its school meetings which are held weekly for all students in the high school and there we discuss topics like the ones stated above. In these meetings students engage in conversations with staff about things happening in the world or our school environment.
Unfortunately this is a lacking area for the school, Hyde's scheduling for students of very jammed packed with classes either students need or time that needs to be occupied, but clubs aren't part of our school day time. There were once dance clubs for anyone who wanted to join but that was held after school and didn't last a whole school year.
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