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Hyattsville Middle School Reviews

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It was an okay school, but did not really prepare me for the next level. I wish this school would have informed me better on how high school would be like, and problems and the situations that we would face.
There are very nice administrators and teachers. There needs to be more experienced teachers. There needs to be more parent involvement, more clubs and activities, and more diversity. Overall, I would see this school as average. It's not perfect, nor is it bad. The school lunch isn't bad either. Some of the lunch ladies are nice and care about what students eat. The school is making an attempt to get better at college readiness by holding college readiness nights, math nights, and STEM nights. Incoming elementary school students get to have a tour of the school. There are good organizations such as National Junior Honor society and Student Government Association.
I had a very good middle school experience here . The teachers were friendly-ish. Although a couple justified their grading by how they felt about you , overall it was okay. I ended up meeting people who have become a big part of my life
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Hyattsville is like I rated it; Average. This school has pros and cons to it. On one hand, the audition process for CPA is great, if you get in. If you aren't in CPA (creative and performing arts), you feel pretty left out. When I was there, english, math, and science teachers there were great, but the administration and history teachers were pretty mean.
My experience at Hyattsville Middle School was something I didn't regret doing before moving to high school. Hyattsville does really give a lot of different opportunities for students that go there and are involved with soe sort of arts (music;acting;poetry;etc...) I went into Hyattsville expecting a decent orchestra with nothing much to offer for me. But instead the teachers I had especially the orchestra teacher/conductor was really friendly and was always willing to help those that asked for it. And plus, I even got a superior performance award in my 8th grade year! The teachers are diverse as well as the students and classmates I had during my time in Hyattsville. I really recommend those living in Hyattsville and North Brentwood to take their child to Hyattsville Middle if they want they're child to be in a diverse community with multiple opportunities in/out of school.
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