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Hyannis High School Reviews

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Hyannis High School has a very family like feel. I would like to see a bigger diversity of people in the school.
Hyannis High School has a very homey environment and I love going to school there. I would like to see more activities at the school though.
I think that our school could benefit from more diverse food options. right now its you can go out to lunch or eat whatever they fix you. And to go out you have to get parent permission. I also Think that our school would benefit from an open campus type lunch program.
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Not strict enough on problem children and bulling
No ethnicity diversity and acceptance is poor
Sports is very prominent in our school
There are a lot of activities in our school
Not enough food for High school students.
Every student in Hyannis has been raised well enough that there are never any threats, drugs, or bullying occuring. Everybody knows everybody in this small school and doing something bad will get the whole town involved. News spreads quickly in a small town so students do treat others nicely everyday.
The school has everything needed to prepare for college, but it doesnt have any AP/ Honors classes. Because of the limited number of teachers, there is a tight schedule each year. The staff do find a way to make everyone's plans work though.
This school has amazing teachers that will take away from their own time to help each and every student. There are plenty of extra-curricular activities to participate in throughout the year even though the school has about eighty students. I participate in almost everything that is possible and every teacher is very understanding when I am gone for days at a time. They always make sure I get my assignments and get them turned on in time. I would recommend this school over any other school in the world.
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