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H.W. Byers High School Reviews

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My experience at H.W.Byers has been very challenging. H.W.Byers is a very small school but we have a very caring administration and staff. I think a lot of things should change at H.W.Byers. We need better classrooms and bathrooms and better air/heat system.
I have been at H.W.Byers since Kindergarten. Overall, this school is a good school. The teachers are very hands on, and they push you to do more. The food is not really good to me only because the food doesn't always look good and hot. The bathroom are mostly clean.
I've been a student at Byers off and on since Kindergarten . I like the school because it's like everyone knows everyone there and most people are kind hearted . A fews things I dislike about the school are the fact that it has gone down hill over the course of the years , we used to known especially for the girls basketball team , we used to be one of the top schools in MS , but now we're just average. I don't think that the school shapes me into who I am it's all about what I try to overcome myself. I know for a fact that as long as I apply myself and continue to stay focused on my grades I can make it anywhere that I want to go in life. I want and plan to be a future educator or run my own daycare or headstart.
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I’ve been at H.W.Byers since I was 6 years old. I am now 16 years old. Byers has had some good times and bad times, but it is a good school. Everyone is a family at that school and if anyone has a problem there is always someone there to help.
My experience at H.W. Byers was great, from kindergarten up until my senior year, I've had a great experience. Anyone you ask may say the same, our athletics department, academically, and as far as culture wise, we're the most active school in the county.
I like the small environment of the school. I like how everyone in the student body knows of each other. I dislike the class options that are provided to the students. There aren't enough
The teachers work very hard and try their best to help students succeed. There is definitely room for improvement with class variety. There aren't many classes to choose from. Also, more school spirit would be a good change.
There were many cherishable moments experiences here. Everything was not perfect. Administration needs to care more about the future of the students
Byers high school is a very loving and caring school. The teachers care about your future and try to stay involve in all of the children's lives. The sports are not very good tho.
Some parents care about their childs education. Now they just don't care.
The teachers love their students and make sure very student has learned each lesson before moving forward.
The school does look after its students and try to make sure nothing serious happens to them.
There are some good teachers there. I don't know much about most of them.
I do not know much about the clubs and activities.
It wasn't a very good school when I went there, but at least we had books even if they were out of date. It may be better in most ways than it was years ago and steadily improving. It would be a lot better if they had enough books to go around. How are freshmen all the way through seniors supposed to get the grades they need if they don't have the books to study with and do their work.
Over the past decade new subjects have been introduced to help get students ready for college and what they are interested in as a possible career.
All of the school support and spirit seems to be towards the girls championship basketball team. The football team hasn't been there long enough to be established and the boys basketball team has been on a losing streak for a long time.
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The 2014 fall school year will have a new counselor and she is supposed to be very good and helpful to the current incoming seniors, too bad she wasn't the counselor when my daughter was a senior. Tutoring has come a long way at H. W. Byers, students tutor students and have helped state test scores put out more passing students. Byers does have a computer lab for the students to work with computers.
The policies work for students who just happen to be teacher and counselor favorites. The two recent counselors H. W. Byers had only helped the students they wanted to help and did not help others who needed it. When it came to helping seniors by making sure their college forms were in and scholarship and grants were applied for, did not happen unless you were one of the picks for that counselor. There are a few teachers and an office worker who looked out for the students and made sure they were ok and let the parents know if there was a problem with the student. Bullying is a huge problem at Byers and one or two teacher tend to talk about students even though they don't know their situation.
Students aren't allowed to wear tank tops or V-neck shirts. The tank top policy is kind of understandable, but the V-neck one is pretty out-of-line. Shirts be must a certain color, and girls skirts must atleast reach 3inch below the knee! Plus no extreme hair or make-up!
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