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I only went to Hutto High School for my last senior year. It is a huge school! The staff and students are excellent.
I am currently a senior at Hutto High School. I like that the school stressed the importance of education without being too strict. I love the sports programs that we have and hope to see growth in the near future. Class sizes are average, with around 20 students in each. Graduating class sizes tend to be around 425 but are growing fast.
I personally don’t feel like I was prepared for college and life after high school. The school itself is nice and they have great sercurity. Clubs were very diverse I believe we had 100 clubs to choose from. The teachers are a different story some are good, but then you have some that are just flat out evil.
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What I loved about Hutto High school is that the teacher try to include you and hold you to a high standard, so you can't be lazy or you will have no one to blame but yourself. If I could change one thing at Hutto High it would be the number of kids that go there. We are way to crowded and it makes it very hard to get to class on time.
Friendly teachers, clean decent school. If anything maybe a change to the lunch menu, some of the food did not seem fresh or fully cooked. The students are required to buy a fruit but many do not eat it leaving a large amount of waste.
Hutto High School is pretty well rounded and most teachers seem to genuinely care about their students and the subjects they teach.
The high school is in a part of its time where it is about to separate into two high schools. This making the school very large and sometimes hard to manage; however, the administration does a wonderful job of keeping the school running smoothly. The administration and teachers clearly care about the students and will do what they need to protect the students. Hutto High School is a wonderful school.
I loved Hutto high. Great teaching staff. great coaching staff. Would definitely recommend to a friend to become a Hippo!
i love how involved this school is with helping its students and preparing them for life during college.
Hutto High School is a very spirited and fun school to attend. The only problems you may have is the lack of space, as I believe this school is starting to be over-populated.
I had a lot of memorable moments here. There were issues with teachers occasionally, but for the most part I got along with everyone. My education was good, and recently the school has been making changes to make it even better.
Hutto High School is the only high school in Hutto, meaning that all students in Hutto ages 14 to 18 attend this school. This gives a diverse population who is very intertwined and has exceptional school spirit. The sports and extracurricular activities provided at this high school is vast and generally fairs well against other schools. The facilities and equipment used is average and some technology is out-dated and faulty but there has been a notable effort to advance the equipment and improve resources.
Hutto High School is a school is a cramped however very enjoyable place to learn and grow as a student. Especially in comparison to other schools in the area. the real saving grace of the location is the staff and their willingness to help and adapt to their student's skills.
Admins care a lot, and the staff are very passionate about educating the student. Hutto is constantly innovating to improve student learning and engagement.
In my past couple of years at Hutto High, I have for the most part enjoyed my time as a student here. There are some very nice aspects of the school and some teachers that are willing to dedicate their time to make sure students are understanding content. There are also a lot of things that could definitely be improved such as cultural insensitivity, outdated policies, and staff that couldn't care less about whether or not a student is actually understanding what they are given.
Hutto High School is a great school. The dress code is the only thing that is a little strict but if the focus was more on students and education I would have scored it 5 stars.
Hutto High has (generally) very caring staff and teachers. The work ethic done by teachers and expected from students is high, especially in extracurricular and PAP/AP classes. Bathrooms are (usually) very unpleasant to be in. cafeteria tries to offer variety that is healthy and tasty, but fails the tasty tests most of the time.
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For a regular looking school in a regular looking town, Hutto High School has treated me fairly well over the past few years. I have enjoyed many of my classes and there has always been a capable and good administration.
What I like about Hutto High School is the teachers. They get you prepared for college and truly care about you. One thing I would change is the sizes of the classes. 30 plus kids is way too much. Also I would like to see A and B days come into affect.
It's good, some of he teachers do care about our education and grades.
The school is nice and they take the safety measurement very serious.
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