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We have had great interactions with all of the teachers (except one) and even with the learning disabilities issues they have all been very understanding and helpful when I have to call to get extra help or explanations on certain assignments. I feel that almost all of the teachers go above and beyond
We could have used a little more help in some instances with the bullying but for the most part when we went to talk to them they seemed to be helpful and it actually helped for a little while
This school is so small the preschool though high school are all on one campus, all in connecting buildings but separated as needed. So the student essentially attend the same school for all of their school career. I have a daughter with a learning disability and with the exception of one case back in her 4th grade year all of the teachers and students have accepted her for the way she is and not made fun of her even when we decided it would be best for her to repeat the 2nd grade. The teacher that year specifically requested our daughter come back as her student the next year even though there were going to be enough students for 2 classes the next year and she made our daughter a special helper the first few weeks of school because she knew how things were done plus she told her if anyone picked on her to tell her and she would take care of it. The teachers in this school (from preschool through high school) care about the whole child not just the grades they turn out.
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There are several clubs to choose from but because of budget cuts the choir and also theater were both cut and I miss both of those
There is no problems with gangs at our school and no need for metal detectors. My daughters have both experienced some bullying but for the most part it has been dealt with by the school very quickly. It is a small school and I feel it is very safe
You'll have your good times and your bad. But mostly good. I spent 12 years with the same people not only becoming friends but a family as well. It's such a small school that we're able to do that. We've even lost some great people and our community pulled together in hard times and took care of each other. Hutsonville will forever be my home, no matter where I end up at.
I never ate a school lunch during high school. No one really did.
I'm giving a rating of "it's okay" only because bullying is a serious thing and my brother is a victim of bullying and when he was, nothing was really done about it. I believe suspensions were handed out, but my brother got suspended too. However, I won't say anything else, because I could go on and on about this.
The big sports here in our town are football and basketball. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE goes to them. Especially because of the Shrine games against Oblong, that's our rival school. Everyone goes in like team spirit mode around those times and just in general, but it's more exaggerated for the shrine games.
The teachers were great. Whenever we needed help all we had to do was ask. That's another great thing about going to a small school, you get more one on one time with the teachers and if you need help, say after school help, they would stay and help no matter what.
A lot of the students back when I was a freshmen were really into the art club, mainly because we took trips down to St. Louis and stayed two nights there. But almost everyone was in a sport. The majority of my class was either in basketball, softball/baseball, track, cheer, volleyball, a mix of the few and etc. It's always nice being in a small community because we always have our home town supporters and fans that always went to the games and cheered everyone on.
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