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One of the teachers offended me greatly by commenting on my race. That is unforgettable. The academics are lousy and the AP classes DO Not prepare you for the AP exams. The chemistry department is the worst part and the teacher is incompetent. School lunch is disgusting and there are hardly any options for vegetarians or vegans (except PLAIN LETTUCE).
I've gone to Hutchison for 15 years and I absolutely love this school. Though the amount of work is often tiring, I know it will be a bittersweet moment when I graduate this spring. I feel like I have been challenged in my academics, helped by teachers and students, and have ample opportunity to branch out into fine arts and sports during my time at Hutchison.
I like that my school encourages me to be a leader outside the classroom while also preparing me for my academic future.
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I've been at Hutchison for the past 14 years and I have to say that I wish I went to White Station or St. Mary's instead of here. The science department is lacking in chemistry and has prevented me from learning about my favorite subject. We don't learn much and it is awful. The biology teachers are great and I have not taken physics, so I cannot say anything about it. In middle school, we hardly learned anything in the science and history departments and this is disappointing. Hutchison could have better prepared us for high school. The math department, however, is very good and Hutchison offers multi-variable calculus. Overall, if your daughter is more history or English focused, she might like Hutchison, but otherwise, she probably won't like it.
Hutchison gave me the opportunity to explore what I could do inside and outside the classroom. Hutchison does a great job of making sure that their students are well rounded. They emphasize school work, arts, athletics, and leadership through their various programs around the school. The small atmosphere with kids from PK-12 grade really makes it feel like another family. The safety is amazing. One of the things that you are taught throughout all grade levels is to do unto other as you would have them do to you reflecting the honor code and a relative sense of kindness that everyone should embody.
I have seen the benefits of this amazing school in my daughter. She is so much more confident, loves school, and feels like part of a tight community. She is thriving academically because she feels like her teachers believe in her. She has had a diverse group of friends over to the house, and I have been impressed with all of them. We were New last year, and I will admit I believed the stereotypes and toured reluctantly. I am so glad we did! This is an amazing school and I am so glad we made the move. My daughter is happy, involved, and loves to learn. Grateful for this school.
My daughter is a typical kid. She would have fallen through the cracks in most schools. She is quiet, polite, etc. at Hutch, she has come into her self. She is confident, happy, and enjoys trying new things. She feels invested in, and therefore invests herself.
The school provides strong academics and standards, excellent athletic facilities and teams, great fine arts programs, and a wonderful community. Chapel services are inclusive and have a variety of speakers who display different kinds of spiritual leadership--definitely not just the congregations represented on campus. Hutchison does a wonderful job balancing academic, social, and athletic/artistic lives of students. In my experience, this school has higher academic standards and less student stress than other comparable schools in town. There are multiple security guards on campus at any given time, and there's always a nurse on campus, and they know the students. Hutchison has issues in recruiting families who are not white, sometimes because (I think) people believe stereotypes.
Hutchison School has truly helped me prosper as a student. There are so many ways to get involved and take advantage of the resources and connections Hutchison has.
I began Hutchison as a freshman and I have received an amazing education. I truly believe that I would not be where I am today in my education without the amazing opportunities and staff that Hutchison offers.
My teachers believe in me and push me to be my best. I have had unbelievable opportunities for internships and shadowing experiences that have helped me decide to pursue engineering. I love this school!
Great school from 2 to 18, girls work tougher to learn in a creative inspiring environment! As a parent, I know my daughter is at the best place to learn and grow her individual talents and not just what is best for the school survey. We love it!
I am a faculty member and parent. I love this school from both lenses. As a faculty member, it is a place that truly lives out what is best for the girls - administrators are thoughtful in all decisions and are always considering best practices and innovation. The opportunities for the girls are endless, relationships strong, facilities phenomenal, safety top notch, and the girls are happy and engaged. My daughter is in the two year old program. She has learned more than I could have imagined, her teacher is skilled and designs every activity for both play and education. Her favorite things are Spanish, going to the farm, and lunch. I love the SPARK after care program as we are a dual working parent family.
Hutchison is a safe place where girls can learn and grow into extraordinary women! My daughter has completely flourished from her time at Hutchison. Everything that the school does is for girls. The teachers go above and beyond standard teaching and make learning fun(as well as challenging). The guidance counselors are in the rooms every week teaching lessons and even the playground caters to girls and their need for upper body strength. You can easily see why it's the best school in Memphis!!
As a parent of a minority student, my child and our family have felt valued and included. She is receiving an incredible education from caring teachers. Definitely best in town. We love it!
The facilities at Hutchison School are so professional. The science labs are large, well equipped and full of resources. The girls work in a film studio and podcasting studio to create thoughtful, fun, meaningful content for their school online newspaper. The theater is top notch. Girls are designing lights and sound for the school productions. The gym spaces and new Wellness Center are state-of-the-art. My daughter is thriving here and learning so much. She told me on the way to school that she loves school and that it is so fun. She stated this at 7:15am!
School has many problems and I hope the new head of the school works to fix these issues. This school does not teach students to question the norm or think differently than what they have been taught. Most students at the school are very conservative in their opinions which makes it uncomfortable for anyone that shares differing views. There is little diversity at the school and this caused me to feel depressed during my time there. I felt as if I was very different from everyone so making good relationships was always difficult. While I attended Hutchison, there were a few incidents regarding religion and race at the school which I think were handled poorly, and this made the school feel more unwelcoming for minority students. If your family is more open-minded and you would prefer your children to be exposed to people of different backgrounds this might be the worst option in Memphis.
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Best school for girls K-12. Well-rounded education prepared for life.
Loved being back on campus as an alum and seeing the energy of the girls celebrating one another and the excitement with the leadership from the new head of school Dr. Kristen Ring.
The students in the middle school are not motivated to learn, and the teachers do not push them. The teachers are too relaxed about the lesson plan.
My daughter loved Hutch as a little girl but was absolutely bullied this year over the election- she has begged to switch schools and we are considering it. Things can be a bit uncomfortable if you are not the typical conservative (Christian) family. TBH, I can't figure out why Muslim or People of other faiths even look here. Sad but true.