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Hutchinson High School is amazing! Going there is a phenomenal experience, the atmosphere is positive. The teachers and staff are dedicated to the well-being of the students. The classrooms are filled with tools and exciting new technology at the fingertips of all the students. All students are also very nice and they try their best to make everyone feel welcome.
Hutchison really has something for everyone. With specialized career clusters, students can try their hand at various different career options. Running the gamut from welding to graphic design, there is a wide variety of classes so everyone can find something they love. Hutchison staff truly cares about their students and wants to see them succeed, and its evident with everything they do. I would recommend any student who wants to get ahead of the game either before going on to college or a trade to come to Hutch, you'll be glad you did.
I love how you can take college classes already and how they prepare you for life after high school. I also love how involved they are with students and how they care so much. I also love how small of a school it is which is very nice knowing pretty much everyone.
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In the three years so far I've been at hutch, I've found that the vice principal, Mrs. Reagan, is highly involved. The staff cares a lot about the kids, and in light of some unfortunate happenings this year, hosted a suicide prevention seminar and went out of their way to make an entire day of fun activities for students to let off some steam with.
I like the other students in my graduating class that went there, however two of them left this world this year. The administration in the FNSBSD needs to be cleaned up, but the school itself is alright. I would really like to see a change in the school, such as getting rid of bad teachers when it is common knowledge that they are out of control. For example, there is a teacher that teaches a senior class that seniors must pass in order to graduate, and that teacher breaks his code of ethics by ridiculing and causing unnecessary embarrassment and disparagement to the students. I would like to see a system set into place that puts more emphasis on helping the students, instead of covering up the teachers.
They really do an amazing job at making students feel comfortable. The teachers and staff prepare you for the real world and really push you doing your best. They truly give you a step ahead of all other high school, because you get the opportunity to have a college career cluster. The college career really puts hutch at a higher standard and each student is held to that standard which makes the school even better.
Hutch is a small school environment, which can make learning easier. Being able to focus in a certain career field through high school can also be helpful with students developing their plans for their future. The biggest problems with Hutch are budget cuts affects curriculum and opportunities, along with bullying.
I met a lot of amazing people here and some of the teachers are great. They really have the best in mind for their students. I have had some bad experiences too, especially with math teachers, but other than that it was pretty easy and a good, comfortable environment.
I like that this is a small high school where I can receive a quality education. This high school has been rated the #1 high school in the state!
I love the students that Hutchison had every year. Although the diversity was low the students that came every year were amazing. Also, the medical classes Hutch had to offer were stunning. I appreciate going to Hutch so much because Hutch offered many classes that offered college credits so by the time I graduated high school and was preparing for college I already had 19 college credits. Throughout my 4 years at Hutch there had been some administration problems but they worked on those every year and slowly got better.
School nurse could be around more, but we do have an entire healthcare "cluster" of learning.
Swim team is the best team around.
For me personally I was looking for a nice small school, and that's what I got.
Superb teachers, take lots of care of the students.
Although the access to AP and Advanced classes is lacking, the challenging and career readying career and technical classes give the students hands on experience that they would not receive anywhere else. The teachers are helpful, thoughtful, caring and more than just a teacher to many of the students at the school. The school is made up of many school dynamics but in the end, its a school for students who already know what they want for their future and its the first stepping stone to get on the path that will lead them there.
Because this was a small school everyone knew everyone. Although it was small it was diverse but everyone for the most part got along.
One of the unique features of the school is the technical education. This aspect of the school is excellent, taught by very educated and encouraging teachers. These elective courses are extremely applicable to being employable right after high school. For example many students go on to work in automotive shops before they even graduate, and other students can be trained to be a certified pharmacy technician. The core classes in the school, however, are fairly average. The strongest part of the core academics are in math and science. Unfortunately, there are only a few AP and honors classes.
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This is an extremely safe school. We do not have a police, and there has been two fights out of the three and a half years I have been there. For the most part there is not a lot of concern about safety-related problems. There is not very much bullying, because most people know more than half the school since it is small. If there is a problem, it is usually caught right away.
Because it is a small school, teachers are able to connect with students at a more personal level than at a larger school. To me, it is apparent that the school aims to make all students feel involved and cared for. The strongest aspect of the school is the technical education portion, from automotive shops to welding to health career training. These teachers are extremely knowledgeable and do an excellent job in preparing students for after high school.
The staff is super nice, but they're a bit insane about dress code. Over the top to the point where you sort of feel like wearing a massive bag to school just in case, but then again, you'd probably get in trouble for that too.
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