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Hutchinson Senior High School Reviews

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It has been good at Hutchinson Senior High School. Overall everyone is good with one another. We generally care about one another.
I liked how my school challenged me, so that I got the best education that I could get. Some of the things I would change about my school are how some of the teachers teach, because sometimes it feels like they don’t teach us all the information we need. Other then that, I believe my school is a great school.
It is ranked in the top 30 most difficult senior highs in the nation. I attended this because I wanted to be more challenged. It offered me post secondary enrollment options, so now I am 62 credits into college graduating this spring.
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I am a current student of this school, and it is one of the worst experiences i have ever had. The relationship between student and teacher is nonexistent, and I feel as if I am only being prepared to take a test, and not actually learning skills to improve my life. It has become a system of just studying for the grade. Frequently, many assignments are not spaced out, and I am finding myself working very late to finish everything in time. For example, right now just in one class, I have one slideshow, a video assignment, and a project due all by the end of the week. There are many kids in my classes that are a disruption and make it harder to learn, but the teachers don't do anything about them. There are so many shortcomings in this school I lost count freshman year.
the only good thing about this school is the sports program, which gets most of the funding. The teachers in the band and choir programs are amazing, but those departments are majorly underfunded. the other clubs have little to no funding and its very difficult to start a new club or activity. the school is around 95% white and is not tolerant towards any minority. I honestly feel bad for lgbt+ students at our school because they get picked on a lot at our school. most teachers at our school don't care about whether or not the students succeed and tend to favor some students over others. Teachers give too much homework and a lot of kids struggle to turn it in on time. The school has several PSEO and AP classes, but PSEO classes are publicly discouraged by the principal. some students even have a meme page on Instagram mocking the principal for his shortcomings listed in this review. The food at this school sucks and i bring my own lunch.
The only really enjoyable thing about Hutchinson high is it's sports. There are a lot of things that need to be changed (classroom involvement, college preparation, poor diversity, lack of communication between students and staff).
Hutchinson High School is a great learning facility. There is lots of positivity, the teachers make class fun while teaching the material, and overall it is a great school to attend. This year, the high school is getting torn down and rebuilt for next year's 2018-2019 students. It will be much bigger when it's rebuilt which will improve the environment even more.
I no longer go here. However, in the two years that I did go here, I found the school to be mostly enjoyable. The academics are above-average. There are a wide range of classes to take, and 12 APs ranking from Government to Music Theory to Calc AB. There aren't many honors or AP classes you can take as an underclassmen, there are still a few options. There are also many interesting electives, like Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Computer Science, Sports Science, and American Indian Studies. There are many clubs and activities, the only one I can think of they don't have that would be nice is a debate team. But there's student council, speech, math league, robotics, and more. The students here represent their school like no other. Most of the sports at HHS have a winning tradition, like the girls swimming, football, girls basketball, and boys track and field. People stay in Hutch even after college, and they've built a tradition here. It sure is a great place.
There are very few teachers who are clearly putting effort into their work and are kind to their students. Others bully students and do not care whether they understand what they're being taught. The school and its staff have a facade of safety; bullying is rampid and their bullying policies are nonsense and never reinforced. I have seen teachers who help disabled students yell at the students and say things that would be considered verbally abusive. Principal encourages students (typically those who are not athletic and with poor grades, the opposite of favored students) to drop out and drop out rates have increased in this school. The few teachers who are kind and warm-hearted are the ones holding this school up by a string along with its football team.
Hutchinson is a good sized school with lots of help for you when you need it. The athletics have an impact on my life because playing for hutch is always competitive and teammates become like families. There is also a lot of support from everyone not only in the school but the town is super supportive.
I enjoy go to Hutchinson High School. We have a small town feel. The teachers, administrators and students have a close relationship. The teachers are genuinely interested in having their students succeed. The administration does a great job of getting us ready for the next steps in life. The school has a lot to offer the students if they choose to get involved. I have really enjoyed my years at Hutchinson High School.
I have had an enjoyable four years at Hutchinson High School. I loved how our whole school showed school spirit throughout my high school experience, but as each year passed, less and less students participated in school functions. The school is also going through renovations throughout my senior year and it has been difficult because everything changed so drastically. What I enjoyed about high school the most was the athletics. It will be something I will remember for the rest of my life. I will be able to share my high school experience with my kids and grand kids someday.
My experience at Hutchinson High School was overall a good experience. The academics and teachers were great. The staff was always willing to help and were always challenging all of the students to be the best that they could possibly be. My high school was great with college readiness too. There was a class called ramp where you had to go at least two days a week and informed students about what to expect for college. There was many activities for any student to join which made the experience a lot better. The cons of my high school was that they food and off campus experiences with the school weren't that great. The food was always terrible, and I rarely ate unless it was chicken Alfredo day. Secondly, all my school dances were never that fun because the school always did terrible at planning events that were supposed to be some of the best memories of high school.
Hutch has a very good safety feel. Since it is older, many new technology things are not here yet. Locked doors do require a teacher to be able to get in.
Hutch has a great variety of extracurricular activities. Sports, clubs, etc..
In floriculture, we took a field trip to the botany place in town. This school is old and becoming new again, in terms of the physical building. I would choose to take high school again for more variety of classes.
Teachers try to put in as many ways of teaching for all types of students.
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There is a wide variety of extracurricular activities to participate in, but most of them are athletic based.
I would not choose to go to this high school if I had the choice to do it over. Class choices and resources are very limited.
Some teachers are very knowledgeable and devoted to the classes they are teaching. Many are willing to come before school or stay after school in order to help students. The other portion of teachers do not teach and assign meaningful content.
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