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Hutchinson High School has a very comfortable and safe environment, complete with caring staff and well-rounded classes.
Hutchinson High School is such a large school, I feel as though there are too many people for a high school. The teachers are great, and the building is good since they just remodeled. One aspect that is disappointing is that most of the schools money goes back to the sports department. The arts department, music department, and more do not get nearly as much money as sports.
Attending Hutchinson High School is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made! They have so many great class options, wonderful teachers, and an amazing connection with Hutchinson Community College. HHS has allowed me to grow beyond what my old high school would have allowed.
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I really enjoy this school because the teachers are really in it for tour benefit. In most classes, they focus on college-readiness and we finish our classes with an above average understanding if that subject. The school spirit is great. Football games are so much fun. We make signs, banners, have themes, and have student section chants.
At Hutchinson High School there is a very unique atmosphere. It has an atmosphere where teachers create bonds and trust with students. As certain events came about teachers did their best to make students feel safe when they came to school. The principle went to multiple classrooms and gave riddles, allowing them to act with an authority member who is higher up in the school. The school work at Hutch High is about average with other schools.
Hutch High is a great school to send your kids to. They are strong in most academic areas and partner with HCC to offer dual credit classes. They have really good music, sports, and art programs as well.
My high school from day one has had a very friendly environment where it is very easy to understand exactly what your being taught. The teachers and staff are extremely flexible and are able to work around all sports.
Hutch High is a great school. The teachers care about their students and will go out of their way to help them.
I loved the ways to get involved. Theres so many great opportunities! I wish they cared more about the students though. The staff was not the best.
I liked the wide array of classes you can take. Anything from regular classes to IB programs. The teachers have taught some college preparedness but not enough. So that should change. Another thing that should change is their lunch options. They aren't all the best and if you are an underclassmen you are stuck with the choices at school. Since this is Kansas there isn't much diversity but that's no ones problem to solve. There are many clubs to join so if one wanted to be involved they have a chance to. I feel safe at my school despite the many bombing and shooting threats.
I had a relatively good experience at high school until I joined the schools color guard team. The couch played favorites and did not treat students fairly. The school administration did nothing to rectify this. It keep me from being able to enjoy a sport that i am absolutly in love with.
I like how the teachers try to understand what you're going through, and how they take time after school hours to help out the students that are behind in their class.
When I attend school there I was luck to have the teachers I did they didn't let me quit. I can honestly say there was one teacher that made a huge difference in my life and it wasn't for him I would have went down the wrong track and ended up somewhere I didn't want to be so my experience at Hudson High School even though it was a little over 30 years ago was outstanding and I wish I could go back and find all those teachers and and tell them thank you
The school system it's self was not too bad. However, some of the teachers there do not have the students education in mind when teaching class, they focus more on how they are viewed by the class and the gossip going around the school than actual schoolwork. I remember one specific honors biology teacher stopping a lecture just to hear about a story that involved one of his favorite students, then there was a good 15 minute discussion about that student.
Hutchinson High School has taught me a lot about myself and my surroundings; and also academically. The school has also helped improve myself in ways that I could not have done alone
All of the teachers are excellent. There are lots of ways to get involved. The principle is one of the best you will ever have. There are lots of courses you can take to challenge yourself. They have a great career building process.
Hutch High was a good school and had many opportunities when compared to surrounding schools. While the school was recently updated there are still some areas that are outdated. The teachers and staff at HHS all cared about the students and tried to help them to the best of their abilities.
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Hutchinson High School, as opposed to Wichita East High School, allows students to take IB classes without bringing on a full IB curriculum. This is more helpful as students can take higher level classes in subjects that interest them without drowning in homework from other high-level IB classes.
The culture of the school was more akin to a jungle than a school however, fights would break out often, and people were so proud to be involved that they would record themselves in the acts. The school also made national news for a hazing incident involving the football team. This atmosphere should change if the school is to be perceived as a place of excellence and learning.
The teachers at this school are very caring and devoted to getting you through high school successfully. The classes are fun and there are tons of fun electives to take. There are lots of groups and sports to be a part of. Overall Hutchinson is a great school.
I graduated Hutchinson High School in May of 2014. Hutchinson High School was a great school. The teachers were hands-on, the staff was friendly, and you just felt like one big family! I am very happy to have been apart of their school. I went there all four years. The classes really prepared me for college. They had a lot of activities that you could be involved in. I would highly recommend Hutchinson High School to anyone!
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