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Hurricane Middle School Reviews

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It was friendly, clean and the staff was very helpful. Was very kind when it came to paying fees and not making feel embarrassed cause I had no money at the time. Very pleasant front office staff.
You get out of it what you put in it!
Our Resource Officer is great. School is very safe
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Most are ran through the high school so we go down there to participate
The front office staff are awesome! They love kids.
Teachers really care and want us to be successful
The classes offered here are very great classes that mostly everyone enjoys. They try to make every class enjoyable.
This school does not need very big security. It is placed in a small town not a big city. The safety precautions fit very well for this school. They go over many different drills just to be safe and take them seriously.
There are only about two after school activities sports and drama. They don't offer a lot of clubs. Many students just hang around town and don't need transportation because of how small it is. Many students just make up their own fun and don't rely on the school.
Student Council puts on spirit weeks with fun/wacky dress up days. They plan school dances for certain holidays. They have some really great and impacting assemblies. The latest assembly was an anti-bullying assembly with singers who had a great story about bullying and it changed their life that impacting many students. Hurricane Middle School tries to make school fun for their students.
I have gained a better education, better modivation to complete my future and present goals, and new friends i hope to have contact forever.
This last school year we have had contruction to make our school bigger. While with the construction going on we are going to have more appotunties.
Football games are so intense. People are making posters, painting there faces, and cheering the boys. Tacobell even puts GO TIGERS on their big sign.
Teachers are always coming up with new ideas to help us in the long run. They build us up they help us and they give us there unconditional attention when needed
Everyone is always trying to be someones friend or trying to be a need of help
Students and staff member always engourage others to get active in extracurriculars, for example: National Junior Honor Society, Math Club, Student Council, Yearbook staff, and sports.
I believe and know that my shcool is safe. Everyday I go to school I feel safe. Our Assisant Princple and Princple make sure we as students feel welcomed and safe during our education. Students always have a postive attuide and the satff is always there when we need help or a laugh.
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There are a lot of classes to help you to prepare for anything.
I feel like most clubs you have to wait till you are in the highschool. But other wise I think Nation Juinor Honor Society is really fun with all the service projects we do in school and out. Also yearbook and journalism you always see those kids having a blast!
I love the assemblies we have. They are fun and always make me laugh. Whenever we have basketball, football games or any other sport you rarely see a kid not wearing something to do with tigers. The staff has never regect to helping me. They are all so very supprotive and helpful.
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