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There were many quality teachers who had a genuine care for their students. They were willing to help students at all costs and took their mental health into consideration. However, there were many times I learned next to nothing in classes. Many teachers seemed to have a disinterest in what they were doing and didn’t mind to leave students out to dry.
I have enjoyed my 4 years at Hurricane High School! The teachers and staff are great and very knowledgeable.
I attend a small school in a suburb near Charleston WV. I love that we have several active clubs and a supported music department and sports program. For a rural area, we have a diverse student body. Our motto is We have a place for everyone. I find that to be so true.
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I am a senior at Hurricane High School, and in my time here I only feel like two or three teachers genuinely cared whether or not I succeeded in life. There is no connection between teacher and student, merely people who wish to get through the day.
Personally, my experience has been pretty good. I’ve loved the school the past three years, but the principal just retired and the entire school is sad.
Although with only a class size of ~300, the area and community was serendipitous to have not only a small town atmosphere of care and support, but also the outside, well rounded education one would normally expect in higher education settings.
Overall I really like Hurricane High school the teachers are very nice and supportive, but recently we have doing a new program that the seniors get senior cards that give them the senior privileges to earn this you need to score good on the end of the year test. Which for someone like me who isn’t good at test and feels a lot of pressure I feel like it isn’t that fair. Sometimes you also kind of feel like other kids get special treatment than others.
Hurricane High School is not a bad school, it's better than the other high schools in the county, but it is not exceptional. I've had several fantastic and friendly teachers there. I would prefer a greater focus on clubs and academics. In my opinion, it places too much of a focus on sports.
Hurricane High school isn't quite the kind of place that makes people say "I can't wait to send my kid there!" It's not that it's an awful school: it's just that it's a very stereotypical American high school. And the stereotypical American high school isn't the type of place where everyone wants to spend their days. The curriculum is pretty standard: English, social studies, chemistry, biology, algebra, trigonometry, etc. Students have access to the usual counselors and career planners. But there's nothing extra: nothing special: nothing new and exciting to try to make the world (or at least the school) a better place.
I think Hurricane High School has all the Amenities and facilities that a student needs to succeed. Overall the atmosphere and attitude of the staff and students is always positive. I would recommend this school.
I likex most of my high school year when a teacher came and he taught me very well from my junior year to senior year. He was a person i could talk to and help me when needed.
It's a high school. I mean what do you expect? Zac Efron and Vanesse Hudgens look-alikes to start singing about how much Hurricane means to them? Nah, fam. This is your typical American high school, where we are basically biding our time until graduation.
Hurricane High provides a good opportunity for an education. I feel the emphasis is too much on teaching to the masses. I was able to succeed by challenging myself.
Overall, I have had a very good experience with Hurricane High School. Going to Hurricane, I have been given countless opportunities to excel through academics, athletics, and leadership. With great staff and a diverse student body, I have been able to get the most out of my high school career.
I transferred to HHS from a small private school. Since then my GPA has risen from a 4.0 to a 4.2, my SAT and ACT scores have improved, and my social life along with my entire high school has improved significantly. The qualified teachers care about my education and the involved administration encourages me to achieve my highest potential.
I have had a very good experience at hurricane high school. Overall, I have had nice teachers and administrators. One issue would be the lack of diversity the school has to offer.
There are so many academic opportunities at Hurricane High School! They offer dozens of online classes, several AP and Dual-credit courses, and a few Marshall University courses.
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There are innumerable opportunities to further yourself, and being a leader is greatly encouraged by all of the faculty. The sports, band, and choir are all highly rated and are one of the best in the state. Students and staff have always been welcoming and genuine, and urge you to get involved in the school. All of these components make for an amazing four years at Hurricane High School because of the chance to discover yourself, create connections, meet new people, and there's always something for someone.
Hurricane was a pretty good experience from an academic standpoint. Aside from a campus filled with litter, water issues, and questionable spending decisions, there's many genuinely talented and passionate students. From award winning bands and show choirs, to sports teams who've reached and won championships. Despite the typical griping of high school students (I'm guilty of it admittedly) the school is actually a good place, one of the better High Schools in West Virginia from my own observations.
Hurricane has an amazing community of staff and students! Amazing place to be. I had an amazing experience at hurricane high school personally. They educatiors are very helpful in all ways and they actually act like they want to be there. The school is top of the class for sure
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