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I really like the atmosphere of the students and teachers. I love the homecoming dances. The student council really know how to make a dance really fun! The teachers are great! Super nice! everyone here makes you feel like family.
Hurricane High School is a wonderful school full of many opportunities and fun! The teachers are very understanding and always willing to give you the help you need, whenever you need it. As for sports, Hurricane High School has outstanding track and cross country teams, along with countless other sports, such as: swim, football, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, and soccer. Additionally, the variety of clubs is simply wonderful. With a dozen of diverse clubs, you can explore and find what your passions are. Whether it's healthcare, community work, or school spirit - there is a club that fits the preferences of just about anybody. HHS promotes college readiness in the content of its classes, offering many concurrent enrollment and AP classes to better ready the students for college-level academics. Safety is a top priority of the administration, and the students feel safe within Hurricane High School's walls. All things considered, HHS gets 5 stars from me.
I am a part-time junior at Hurricane High School. The administration here actually cares about the students, and they are very involved. The school has a great culture about it. It is all about supporting one another, and lifting each other up. Obviously, it's not perfect. But, it is one amazing school.
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I loved most of the teachers here. The art course was by far my favorite. Softball was the best part about this school. I loved being a part of the team and the coach’s really changed my life for the better.
Hurricane High School is a great school. The teacher truly care about you. The environment is great. HHS administration works really hard to create a bully free school. All four years I've attended, I haven't seen anyone get bullied in the halls or on school campus.
The staff is very friendly and well educated, I have actually learned about useful topics. The students are generally very welcoming and the school itself is very safe. Sports are lacking, but not every school can be state champs I guess.
Hurricane High School was the best high school I could have ever dreamed of going to. The community involvement and support is unlike any other. The teachers are always ready and willing to help with anything and everything that they can. The faculty and administration take the time to get to know each of us personally and make sure that we have access to all the resources we may want or need.
The faculty is amazing. The teachers, honors teachers especially, truly care about what impact they have on the students and are so much fun! I would love to see more support in the arts at Hurricane. I did mainly those, and I can't help but wonder how many more opportunities for success I would have had if there was more support. The community aspect of this school is amazing, and most of the teachers wouldn't want to teach anywhere else because of the kids (and have stated so).
Hurricane High School is one of the best schools in our district. It's a school full of love and family. Our principal, Jody Rich, is one of the kindest men you will ever meet! He learns all of his students by name and make an effort to get to know them and helps as much as he can. The teachers do their best to help their students pass and succeed, which is very admirable. The students are so involved in supporting their school's sports teams and the clubs are all so entertaining and have so much passion in them! The drama club is my favorite. Our director, Richard Hill, is the most amazing man and has become a part of my family. I've loved every part of high school here.
I loved Hurricane High School. The principal, Jody Rich, is the most caring, kind, loving, spirited, and inspirational human being I have ever met. I was an athlete, playing football, basketball, and track year round. I had some awesome friends that were very influential, as well as teachers that loved their professions.
I loved my time at Hurricane High! Great administration and faculty. They really care that every student is successful.
Its a very accepting community. The principal makes a point to know students' names and greets them in the hallways. Teachers make an effort to help students understand material beyond the call of duty. Because it is a small school, some opportunities are severely limited. There is a lot of emphasis on taking college classes during high school courtesy of a nearby college.
I love how much spirit most of the students have during games and assembly’s. Most of the teachers there are amazing and are willing to help you when your in need of help. It’s a very positive community to be surrounded in.
Hurricane High School is in the middle of a tight-knit community and has the best principal anyone could ask for. The staff is committed to paving a path of success for every student. The students have the highest school spirit in the region!
Hurricane High has been one of the best things to happen to me. It is like my second home. There are so many ways to get involved with the community and the staff is wonderful!
Small school. Great faculty. Would of loved to have TA and more teacher s for smaller classes. The school however did the best they could provide with what limited resources.

Shout out to HHS!
It is a great school. It has provided me with many opportunities and allows you to place academics on the forefront of your education. It is safe, tight-knit, and caring. It is a good community to be a part of. The principal of the school, Jody Rich, is also amazing, and knows almost every student by name. While I wish the school district allowed Hurricane High to offer more AP courses and allow students the opportunity to fast track into higher level courses quicker, I would have never wanted to go anywhere else.
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I love this school! The teachers and staff there are so caring and willing to do whatever it take to help us succeed. We are a very close knit family and I love it!
Hurricane High School is the place to be and I'll always recommend it to people who are deciding where to raise their kids. It's spirit is unreal and the people here are so amazing and kind..
This high school is the absolute best! Everyone is friends with everyone, and the principal has literally everybody's names memorized. If you are looking for the best high school, look no further, because this is it
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