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I wish there were more after school activities to get involved in. Not enough commitment from students to keep them going.
I appreciated the atmosphere and the acceptance from both students and teachers at Huron and I would definitely recommend the school to anyone considering. The education quality is amazing and teachers truly go above and beyond to make sure that you are learning the material and enjoying being in school. I am very grateful for the education that I received and how it prepared me for college and life in the world.
Huron High School offers a great education taught by an amazing and dedicated staff, along with a very skilled and competitive range of athletics, all while feeling very welcomed and at home.
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I enjoy my school a lot especially because of the teachers. They're all extremely well informed and compassionate. They all care about their students and want them to succeed. The students in turn look up to those teachers as role models. The staff is amazing they offered to pay for my lunch at school when my family was going through a rough time and i couldn't afford it. The students are some of the kindest people i have met. Also our school does a lot to combat bullying. It also prepares you for college pretty well.
I am a recent graduate. The staff were very helpful and respectful. I graduated feeling well prepared for college. Overall the school has a positive and welcoming feel to it.
During my time at Huron High school, in enjoyed everyone, from the students to the teachers and staff. The people were accepting and always willing to help each other out. However, I was on the girls swim team and no one really knew that there was even a team, no matter how much advertising the team did. I hope in the future, that they pay equal attention to all of their sports teams.
Overall my experience was great. The people while going there were decent human beings, and the teachers really care about students. It being a small school everyone knows everyone and many are friends with the teachers and visit them long after graduating.
Huron High School has positively impacted me. It was a close-knit community that cared about your learning, but it also offered many opportunities that are often benefits at larger schools.
There are many different clubs and groups available, and most times the groups coordinate together so that you can be in multiple and go to meetings for all the groups you are involved in
I would go here again in a heartbeat, they provided me with a great environment and student atmosphere
Most of the teachers are fully committed to the students and are there to help the students often
I just wouldn't want to do it all over again, but if I have to, I would very likely choose this school. So far, I really like how a lot my classmates are dedicated to learning, trying their best, and really putting in efforts. The school gives challenging yet helpful education.
Most teachers are very knowledgeable, helpful l, and friendly.
There are mostly white students. Student involvement is great, because there are so many options to participate.
The students are always involved and everyone accepts everyone.
The teachers are very friendly and they do everything to make sure their students understand everything.
There is not a lot of bullying going on throughout the school.
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There are many clubs for students to choose from.
I would choose this school again if I had the chance because all of the teachers are friendly.
The teachers always go above and beyond to help students that are struggling.
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