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I really enjoyed all the opportunities that I took in high school, it is actually really hard to rate your high school, because how well it affects you is directly correlated with how much you put into it.
HHS has been very supportive of the arts. We have an excellent choir, drama, band, and orchestra programs. My children have enjoyed participating in these activities. The school also offers several options as far as building trades programs and dual credit and AP courses.
Huron High School is a pretty awesome School. It is a very quiet place. Huron High is a very diverse School. Many different cultures, Karen, Hispanic, amd Burmese. We have great ESL program for students. Huron High School is a great School for students who like small school with no disturbances.
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Huron High School has been really good to me, lots of friends I'll miss after school. I have developed a real close connection with many teachers that will continue long after I have left for college.
My experience with Huron High School was okay. I really like how diverse the school is with it's students and faculty. Although I would change the schools expectations of the students. I feel the standards are set way to low and they are merely trying to push us out to get rid of us. I would also change how easy going the rules are. I feel that kids are just given a slap on the wrist when they really should have had detention or school suspension. It is a decent school, but when I have kids I wouldn't really want to send them here.
Huron High School is a very diverse school, and has a lot of great qualities along with some negative ones.
There are many great students in the school. There are some who are uncomfortable with the ethnic diversity, but they are getting use to it.
There are many classes that prepare you for after high school; whether it is work or college.
Their is not many club, but enough so that their is something for kids to pick.
I see many parents supporting their kids.
This school is quite secure. We have doors that are locked after school starts. Most of the time we have a police in his office. We often take part in drills. All students have resources to go to if they get hurt and bullied.
Our school have various activities. The varsity sport program is very active and many people participate even if they don't necessary play for the sport. The teachers in the school are very preppy and encourage people to join.
I like how I learned some skills in the activities I am in. This school has lots of nice students who show kindness and leadership. I'm not exactly sure if I want to choose this high school again because we don't get as many opportunities like the other big high schools.
Overall the teachers get the job done. The teachers don't necessarily go beyond their teachings, but they also don't slack. The classes are not incredibly interesting. The grading is consistent with little flaws. Teachers do take great interest in students.
The teachers are very consistent in grading and they always remind us about our homework. They have many interesting examples when teaching a subject.
Our school goes to many measures to try their best at keeping our school healthy and safe. We have a zero tolerance for bullying along with a system for if you get bullied. We have drug dog sweeps about once a quarter or whenever there is a suspicion of drug use. I feel quite safe at the school with the periodic testing of safety procedures like a lockdown. Overall, our school is very safe and works hard to be healthy and safe.
We have many after school activities including sports, school plays, speech and debate, and volunteering clubs like key club. Most of the clubs and after school activities are welcome for all students to join. All of the clubs and after school activities are a lot of fun. If there was one thing that would make them better is to have more diversity in our clubs. I would like to see there be more options for clubs to help get students involved. Overall, our after school activities and clubs are pretty great and welcoming.
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There are many parents involved in the school and it's activities. They help make the school better, and help provide for activities. While there are many that are involved, there are also many parents that aren't involved in the school at all. Overall, our parents are okay with their involvement in our school.
Most of the teachers at our school work hard to be sure we all understand the material. Most do their best to make themselves available to us outside of class for help. Most stay caught up with grades throughout the year, and communicate well with us. Overall, most of our teachers are great at their job.
I wouldn't choose to go to this school again for high school. I wouldn't choose it again, simply because I would have liked going to a larger high school. Some of my favorite experiences thought high school were things like marching band trips, or having good class discussions.
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